I’ve been looking through the list of contentious subjects for Blog posts because, let’s face facts, contention is where it’s at (baby) and right up at the top, in pencil and all caps, is the title ‘Are Guilds broken (and does anybody care?)’ Right now there’s a World First race going on that would seem to suggest that being in a Guild is also the place to be, except both you and I know many of these ‘groups’ aren’t what any regular player would consider as mirroring their Guild experience. These are Teams, carefully selected and prepared players who are now either professionals and get paid to do this shit or are hoping to be noticed so they can become paid. The Race to World First, like it or not, has now become where players tryout to escape the Minor Leagues. It is as close to real eSports glory in ActiBlizz terms as many players are likely to get unless they go try join that Overwatch team shizz, or happen to get PvP.

For absolutely everybody else, your experience of Guilds will vary.


No, I’m not gonna diss your experience, it’s okay, I see many people having a great time in Guilds, and using them exactly as they should be. It shouldn’t matter about how much money they make, or indeed if they’re profitable at all. It is, first and foremost about allowing like-minded people to play together. The barriers to having cross server or indeed cross-faction Guilds has long since been debunked. Movement of people does not restrict or inhibit the ability of people now to play pretty much as they wish. The only restriction, in the end, if you insist on a toon being in your Guild on the same server is financial and as you will soon be able to use WoW Tokens to finance any movement? Honestly, nothing to say here in opposition.

I see you guys having fun, and it is what keeps this game as vibrant and alive as it is. This debunks the whining over the grinds being too hard and the systems being at fault. I also see the vanity guilds being as productive and lucrative as they ever were, people making the most of their own mini empires, still raking in piles and piles of gold when ‘those smart people’ said that when Garrisons were nerfed, everybody’s finances would dry up. It was a lie, because the canny people never needed you to tell them how to make money to begin with. You cannot destroy the fringes of this game, despite so many of the people who should support diversity doing their damndest to try. Yet, if you ask people if Guilds are broken? Of course they are.


In actuality, there are a few things that suck Legion Demon Balls: the recruitment tool’s been a joke since it launched. People using Guild Charters to make their first 1000g Gold (often in under an hour) is something that could also be changed. The entire Perks system requires a well considered and sympathetic overhaul, and maybe it is about time to allow a genuine method to allow those in Cross Realm clusters to happily co-exist under the same banner and to raid together, rather than you having to rely on cross server invites. Anyone however who would like to pedal the belief that Guilds are what is making this game bad right now are labouring under a significant misapprehension. Sure, the entire system could do with a rethink, but if people believe that a new system of perks or incentives will suddenly fix the game overnight? They’re wrong. Those who care enough to play the game before complaining aren’t bothered about anything except taking part. They just require a banner.

That’s all you need to show up on a World First list to begin with.


How you play Legion and with who are as unique as where you choose to do it. Guilds, like it or not, are more often than not simply temporary wrappers placed around people who matter more. Some may do their best to tell you how important these spaces remain, how there must be sanctity and fairness and that Guilds really mean something but unless those people are prepared to back their words with definitive action? It’s just a lie. If you care enough about your Guild it is worth protecting and defending, but when all is said and done, as I said yesterday, this is not the Real World. There has to be understanding amongst your fervent belief, or you are living a true fiction. Someone once tried to argue with me that a name means more than the people who belong within it and that’s when they lost my friendship forever. No one person is less worthy than another. A name remains pointless unless people are prepared to actively participate in what that stands for. I don’t look at organisations as a result, I listen to individuals. As long as a Guild is the only way to identify who wins? It doesn’t matter what people do with them.

Only when that mentality changes will the true value of the Guild ethos begin to matter again.

3 thoughts on “The Love Boat

  1. I am still a member of my EQ testserver guilds forums – from 1999. That game we fostered a true sense of belonging and were closely tied to the guild.

    It is also where the most drama happened. Leavimg the guild (usually for progression purposes, as we were more casual minded) had equal parts anger for leaving the “family” and full understanding as it was just a game and players needed to be happy in game.

    As a very casual player now I like my guild but would probably be fine in any casual setting with friendly people. It’s not as important to my personal gaming as it used to be.


  2. I’d quite honestly quit the game without my guild. I’ve been in it a long time now and it takes some of the boring repetetive stuff and makes it fun, we sit in Teamspeak having a laugh, mocking politics or situations just generally having a laugh, even if it’s just mocking the voice over on the “Aww nuts!” world quest where she can’t pronounce “squirrel” lol.

    I don’t pug so it’s great having a guild that enjoy doing Mythics and raids with similary minded people. Our guild bank provides all raid consumables and enchants so we are not skint all the time, made with mats that guildies collect and craft. It’s more like a family than a guild.

    That said, I have also been in some awful guilds. One of which when I left it, a few other guys left too so the officers started spreading rumours that I was a paedophile and groomer… which got them banned from the game so the hassle was worth it :)

    The guild is what you make it. It’s not necessarily the guild leader, but the officers and the members..

    MAKE GUILDS GREAT AGAIN? Maybe, but mine is great already. :)


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