Yesterday, a ‘story’ hit my radar that hasn’t been covered by any of the other third party ‘news’ sites (as far as I am aware) because nobody can prove the validity of claims made. If it is true, than I’m betting no-one in the Race for Nighthold first will want massive coverage on it to begin with. In essence, someone allegedly hijacked the Raid ID of a progression Guild and prevented them from accessing the instance.

Even if this isn’t true, it’s a problem that you’d think ActiBlizz would have considered dealing with by now, not just for the bleeding edge raiding community. This has long been an annoyance and inconvenience for normal raiding guilds. I remember an aggrieved ex-Guildie doing pretty much the same to us in ICC. Is it really that hard to tie the ID of the raid to the person who creates it (let’s say a GM of a Guild) and then it is up to them to decide who is in or out. If the GM has a moment, then there could be a means to ban them. Except this Company’s never been that keen to meddle in the affairs of loot. They’d rather the more unseemly issues are dealt with by people and not them.


True or not, I am amazed at the outrage this ‘report’ has generated. Seriously, people being all surprised that players could be this petty and vindictive. Come on. This is small beans in the hill of ‘Guild Drama Destroyed my Life.’ I don’t even have to give you a paragraph of personal examples, everyone reading here will already be recalling their worst incidents of other people’s tyranny. This is not a contest to see who’s ego’s the most battered. Except when this happens in a spotlight, suddenly there is the opportunity to make examples of a group of raiders who really should be carrying the flags for professionalism and consideration. We all know the truth, it’s okay. You’re no better than anyone else, when all is said and done. If I wanted an example for my kids to follow? The LAST place I’d look for one is in competitive gaming.


The biggest irony for me in all of this is, after reading the ‘interview’ I’m still no closer to knowing why this person even bothered to begin with. Seriously, if you’re going to do summat like this at least make it clear why it’s happening. For all I know it was akin to one of those ‘prank’ things I’d then see on a You Tube Channel where the raid team are incandescent with rage but the person and his mates just sit there laughing their heads off. This is vandalism. The Internet is awash with it, people telling you they have good reason but instead they’re simply bored and have a desperate desire to be noticed ahead of doing any good at all. That’s why you won’t see the major sites picking this up, and I can’t say I blame them. There is no need to promote senseless acts of vandalism in our community, and there’s certainly no need to glorify them. However, if the Hardcore PvE scene wants to remain intact?

They have far more pressing concerns to address than one idiot blocking an Instance ID.

2 thoughts on “The Never ending Story

  1. What I had read on it was the one person said it was retaliation because Serenities fan base had attacked Methods server and prevented them from being able to log in for two hours.

    And these are the people that we are supposed to aspire to in gaming.


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