There are a fair number of additions/tweaks in 7.2 to the legendary system. They’ve not been introduced on PTR yet but they are coming and this is something we will be actively seeking feedback on. Some of the issues that you highlight are things that we are hoping to ameliorate with these changes.

Please have patience with us as we roll out new quest/feature content on PTR next week and then move into rolling out the item/reward/systems changes. It is a bit of staged progressive rollout to focus testing and feedback but there are additional changes coming.


It’s a lean weekend for Warcraft news, until the PTR is updated and someone does something notable anywhere else. Late January is pretty much a dead zone to begin with. Yet, to target this particular post at this point in proceedings says to me that ActiBlizz grasp the most important truth in the Legendary system which, on paper during the development progress looked like a great way of redefining a reward system most people hated. The warning bells were sounded back in Alpha that this reinvention might be doomed to failure. I think I may even have been one of the people pointing out that unless Orange items weren’t tuned correctly, everyone would not farm for them, plus you’d be punished for not owning the ‘right’ ones. I have my own stories of players being benched because they couldn’t bring the right piece of Orange to raids, because other people looked at Theorycrafting and told them they weren’t good enough.

I ignored the disquiet for a while, and then realised that the only way this problem actually goes away is if the Company change the system before the next Expansion hits, and I really could not see that happening mid-Legion. However, here we see the first indicators of an about face that, in its own way, could end up as significant as the imposition of restrictions on Flying. I’d normally not include the post that prompted a Blue response, but in this case I feel it holds a lot of relevance.


I know there are people who will read this and get annoyed at what they see as poor English, so let’s not go there and agree this person’s first language is not English to begin with, then ask ourselves whether we could write a post in French, Spanish or Portuguese and make it as clear as this. The point this makes to me is twofold: yes, people have been complaining about this for months. However, this post very clearly and precisely sets out the nature of that complaint. If I don’t have the right DPS boosts, I am benched. This is bad game play, which the Devs are responsible for not only maintaining but supporting, and it needs to be corrected. When problem solving any issue, it is normal to make an example of a ‘typical’ complaint and therefore use this as the basis of your solution going forward. This Troll mage, effectively, hit the jackpot in terms of having a more general and known problem dealt with.

I know this to be true because the issue was being discussed internally before the above response was made.

It is apparent that the ‘crafted’ Legendaries will allow a measure of customisation that was not previously accessible to anyone who didn’t own one, and it now promotes players to learn Professions if the reward is worth an effort of doing so. However now on the table is the possibility that OP items may be reduced in efficiency, or new items will be created to balance that. The problem, of course, is that if the goal is really to ameliorate (make something bad or unsatisfactory better) the system, what that will mean for those who currently benefit from the OP nature of a number of items. If the nerfs to existing items is too great, undoubtedly people will complain, but will that be more or less than those who don’t have the requires items? Plus, how will all of this factor in with those Class Balance issues which, if I believe what I’m told this week, are the worst they’ve been since The Burning Crusade?


Suddenly, I’m not that fussed about how the Broken Shore factors into all of this, or indeed at how Tier is suddenly a contentious subject (again.) What I’m looking forward to seeing is what kind of sleight of hand the Company will need to pull off to make the changes proposed without shafting a lot of people in the process. In what’s normally a quiet period in Warcraft development, we could see changes introduced with significant and long-term ramifications for the future. Grab your popcorn, people, I can’t wait to see how they propose to fix this one…

3 thoughts on “Look at Me

  1. Sigh.

    More professions should have meaning.

    I am willing to bet the recipes will be a reward of a quest chain taking you into Mythic Dungeons and Normal or higher Raids. To collect some amount of things.

    In the end those that believe they have to have it, or those that feel if they don’t will be benched, will run what ever is required over and over, and complain on the forums that it is required.

    The only thing the revamp of the profession system did for me this expansion is made it so painful to do that I am not even bothering. I make bags in Draenor. My Enchanting that is at 794? I make enchant for people if they have the materials. I will not drop 30k to maybe go up 1 point. The majority of skill points have been from Darkmoon fair.

    I did not read what’s coming because, well, it’s WoWhead. But I have already formed an opinion. And until I see the description of the feature on WoWs forums? It is not there. And depending on how many hoops? Will leave it sit there. Like the Illidan quest line.

    I reached my point in the expansion a ways back where the effort is not worth the experience. Especially when you need to do some thing more than a handful of times.


  2. I feel a little bit of a fraud at the moment as I am not currently playing but I do want to concentrate on one thing form afar, it is clear that the current legendary acquisition model is not the best. I agree with Alt that the vanilla model was pretty good and it would certainly be an improvement if this made a return in the next expansion, I also thought the BC model was quite good as well but I guess gating behind end boss drops would take quite a lot of people out of the equation.

    It will certainly be interesting to see what transpires in the coming months, luckily I have Azeroth in 5 to keep me up to date on stuff and you never know, if it looks t be a great legendary system Ravensword may make a glorious comeback :-)


  3. I still keep coming back to the fact that this is really just an issue for the top 0.1% of players that are in truly cutting edge, progression raid guilds. Those folks that appear above the fold on the first page of wowprogress. My son is someone that I would characterize as a normal raider and he’s already pugging heroic Guldan kills on his priest and he has only one of the preferred legendaries for any priest spec.

    And for me. Well, I’m doing tourist mode LFR, still doing well on the meters and am happy with the legendaries no matter what I get.

    (Although now I need essences on 6 different legendaries…so that’s going to take a while)


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