Patch 7.2 Continues to Develop on the PTR

Despite some technical issues, development of the next major Warcraft patch continues apace on the PTR server. Some of the most notable changes include:

  • The Obliterum Forge and its associated ‘unlock’ questline have been removed
  • The first stage of the new Broken Shore Quest hub is live
  • A new Southshore v Tarran Mill PvP Skirmish has been introduced

Blizzard also went on record to clarify how the changes to Artifact Power (and unlocking of new traits) will function once the Patch goes live:


There was also suggestions from data-mining that certain holiday items may become transmoggable, but only when the relevant holiday event is live on Servers.


How To ‘Unlock’ Flying Guide released

With 7.2 allowing players to utilise flying mounts for the first time once they have completed a number of requirements, a Guide to completing part one of this two part endeavour was released on the 26th. You’ll find a link to it here.



Race for World First heads for Conclusion

As of publication this morning, Serenity are now in the front seat to complete the Nighthold on Mythic difficulty before the game resets and claim the World First crown for 7.1.5. This week has been full of controversy, including claims that a rogue player (and not a player who was a rogue) squatted in an instance to prevent progression. News also reaches us this morning that an exploit on Star Augur has meant that Russian guild Fusion have received an 8 day ban and been delisted from the race. If you’d like to follow developments, Raiders Tavern is covering developments.

That’s everything we have this week, we’ll see you next time for more news!

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