What you’re seeing through datamining regarding these items right now is EXTREMELY unfinished — that’s why we haven’t enabled them for testing on the PTR yet, and currently don’t plan to for at least a couple weeks. I wouldn’t take their current state as anything more than “there will probably be some Legendary items obtainable through crafting.”

They should make a lot more sense once they’re in a more fleshed-out state. I’d love to be able to share more details now but, frankly, they’re so early in the design process that most of the details don’t yet exist.


Second guessing everything is fucking hard work, folks. Really, it wears you thin, it challenges your own notions of worth, and makes for some really rather desperate back pedalling if you get it wrong. Watching people do this to me on social media, in blog posts or even in Real Life as happened to me yesterday is an exercise in patience. Assumption is dangerous, counter productive and ultimately wastes everybody’s time. yet, EVERY TIME anything remotely contentious appears on the PTR? That’s EXACTLY what a goup of people decide to do, and frankly I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this any more.


Except of course, I’m utterly not. In fact if I were less bothered about people getting their nappies in a tangle over PTR changes, I’d say so. I’ve speculated simply on what the changes MIGHT mean: I was very careful not to pin any colours to anyone’s flag, or profess a point of view that might begin some kind of confrontational stance. There is clearly nothing doing as yet to these changes, only the suggestion they will happen. That says to me that a lot of meetings will take place, and only after everybody’s comfortable they can create a sensible environment for all this shit to change will it do so, if in fact it does at all, because at the end of the day the Company does at it chooses.

Assumption, if you use it, will only help fuel disappointment long term when your view of reality does not come to pass. That’s why, like it or not, facts win the day. It’s why those unable to manipulate the week-minded do so love to eliminate facts and science from their equations. Once you do so, your view is the only one your ‘audience’ sees. Then it does not matter one iota what others say, because your ‘facts’ are all that others work from. The reality, of course, is often light years away from that contrary stance. That’s why you should never assume anything.


I’ve not played since a Karazhan trip at the weekend. I’m REALLY looking forward to logging in tonight and not thinking about anything else but the here and now.

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