Both my kids don’t remember a house without Warcraft in it. One of my son’s earliest memories is playing the game with me. I breastfed my daughter whilst levelling my first Dwarf: not Pherian, but the wee lass that came before. ALL of my current friends were met via the game. There is not a part of my current existence that isn’t defined by this place, these pixels. Tomorrow is a very important day, but before that, I realise, there are some words to be imparted on what has not come to pass.

I’d like to apologise in writing to anyone who I disappointed by not finishing the 10 Years, 10 Questions Podcast series. To all the people I frustrated and annoyed by promising things and then not making them happen? I may have overstretched myself, but on reflection there was a greater realisation that to make this game my life was not what I ultimately wanted. I lived here for a very long time, but finally have come to grasp I don’t want to use what I’ve learned as a platform for anything.


That’s why the Facebook streaming won’t happen, or indeed why I pulled away from Podcasting when I did. My future is here, but my career is not. I may write about the game weekly (this week’s effort on MMO Games is me at quirky best) but ultimately I want a career where all words are relevant, not just Warcraft ones. That’s why I’m pushing my other sites so hard, and why the Twitter feed matters as much as it does. However, because I know you guys still love this game? I think I’m not done here yet.

Every twelve months, about the time of my Anniversary, I ask if I have another year in me. Without the Community that exists here, I think I’d be at a distinct disadvantage in life. I probably need you guys more than ever before, if I’m honest, because you are the family I can trust and who will listen. So, as long as I am confident there remains a home here and that I’m welcome, I am not going to turn down anybody’s offer of hospitality. The words will remain, even if my daily ‘audience’ is at is lowest point since I began.


Tomorrow’s post is yet to be written, for the first time in several years I’ve done no preparation at all. I’m simply going to sit down tomorrow and see what grabs me as a subject matter. Suddenly, in this constant changing world we live in, it seems better to rely on immediacy than any amount of forward planning. Living in the moment makes for great theatre, after all. If you’ve stuck with me after all this time?

Thank you for allowing me to grow.

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