Occasionally, in these turbulent and troubled times, the fates align and I get to play the game. I’ve managed enough playtime since Wednesday to knock off four Mythics, all of which were of the Plus variety. That means I got a swing at a Heroic Cache as a reward, and I could not be happier with what RNG gifted me with:


I’ll happily admit I never thought I’d see iLevel this high without raiding. It is a testament to the changes in game currently that the rewards you get for making genuine effort make it all worthwhile. I didn’t do anything higher than a level 4 M+ either, because as has been previously established, I’m not here to win this shit, simply to take part. That changes the ground rules too, that I’m less stressed over the process and more satisfied with results. I’ll have a decent chest to pick up on Wednesday and know enough about how the Legendary ‘upgrade’ fragments work that I need to make sure I don’t loot it before I’ve updated at least one of my two ‘old’ items. With basic thought and a bit of planning? Wednesday will see a significant further iLevel hike. GO LEGION GEARING.


However it is not just the new stuff that occupies my mind. I went and finished off the Strikers Battlegear that comes from AQ40 as the first step towards trying to complete all Hunter Tiers. It’s a slow and thoughtful process that will be considerably aided by the 7.2 changes, and means that I’m effectively done in these two Legacy places for mail. Next up will be the Outland instances, which I’ll do again every week until I have everything required. This is because I’ve gotten tired of failing on RNG Mounts and will be taking a new approach to that issue beginning next week. My plan is to make cash at the same time, and we’ll discuss that in more detail in a separate post.


The Nighthold continues to be a LFR experience I enjoy, which is great because that means I’m getting three Augment runes a week, which are useful for my Mythic Plus adventures. However, I ended up with a weapon transmog this week (Chronos) which will look rather lovely on the Mage’s Frost staff. Odd, isn’t it, that you accept that there’s a measure of loss by only doing things a certain way, and then there is the genuine surprise of picking up something unusual or unexpected as a result. It makes the 20 minutes it takes to complete three bosses seem just about right, too. I realise I won’t get any gear upgrades, but the cost of the Augments is just about equivalent to the time spent playing. 

The balance between casual rewards and effort expended right now is just about perfect.

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