Russians Claim Gul’dan Mythic World First

In the end, the race to ‘World First’ finally ended on Saturday, and it is congratulations to Russian guild Exorsus for sucessfully completing the Nighthold on all available difficulties. You might remember them from the Emerald Nightmare all those months ago in September, when they also scored the World First Xavius kill. There’s many reasons being cited for this race taking a lot more time, a lot of them around the whole separate ‘Mythic only’ phase for Gul’dan which is activated in this difficulty. We won’t spoil you for what that entails, but what is apparent is that Activision Blizzard have responded positively to criticism that the Emerald Nightmare should have entailed more complexity. In fact as of time of writing, this phase is SO difficult that only one other Guild (Serenity-EU) have managed to defeat the Warlords nemesis thus far.

A Month of Events

February is a busy month for World Events: with the Lunar Festival having wrapped up at the weekend, and the Darkmoon Faire being here until the 11th. However, many people will be far more interested in the return of Love is in the Air, and the chance to snag one of the most elusive in-game mounts currently available, the Big Love Rocket.


The Festival runs from the 11th until the 21st. For further coverage, watch the Blog this week. In addition, Activision Blizzard’s own February Blog details the following upcoming weekly in-game Bonus events:



Changes to PvP in 7.2 plus World PvP Tuning

A number of new PvP Arenas are being tested in 7.2, which see familiar locations being given a new twist, including Eye of the Storm and Arathi Basin. Devs, CM’s and QA personnel will be testing these areas every Friday on the PTR between 3 PM and 5 PM PST (11 PM and 1 AM Saturday CET) every Friday, starting on February 3rd and continuing until February 17th. For more details, please see this official Blue post.

There is also an official statement on the current state of World PvP and how there will be changes going forward: you can read that here.

And Finally…

Congratulations to the German team of Relodr, Artlu, Irsix, Tyaniqt, and Battletaure who hold the rather unique distinction of being the first group to have competed a Mythic Plus dungeon at the highest possible difficulty available, +24.


However, bear in mind that their time (34.28) only qualifies for one chest as a reward, so this achievement can only stand as a benchmark for so long!

That’s all the news for this week, we’ll see you back here next Monday :D

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