Occasionally, because Modern life is complicated and you often don’t have time to think, you sign up to something and don’t truly consider the consequences of your actions. It is only when you reach a point where what you’re offered becomes unacceptable that there is the chance to step back and really grasp what you’ve become a part of. That pretty much described me this morning as the latest Beta update of the Battle.net launcher decided that there were 723 people ‘I may know’ who I could now add to my ‘Friends’ list thanks to the wonders of Facebook. Of course, I should have known. I sign up for streaming, but all this really ends up being is a means by which ‘social media’ invades every part of my existence… or rather, one man’s version of it.

I’m embarrassed this morning I didn’t see this coming sooner.


Yup, you’ve been sold to the Company, folks. With a combination of two databases, the potential to peddle targeted adverts to you and mark you as a Gamer on Facebook can now continue apace. As a point of order, a friend is NOT ‘people you may know’ and in my case includes a number of people who I have blocked on other Social media and (more importantly for them) continue to block me. Battle.net has little or no sophistication when it comes to blocking and functionality to begin with, and the thought that Facebook now come in and stick their arse into the equation with a service I never asked for and don’t want, but someone clearly thinks is cool and clever? The future is NOT allowing a place I come to as an escape from reality to be included in somebody else’s algorithmic search portal. NOPE. Just so no, if I shook my head any harder, it would fall off and roll away.

The consequences of this, quite frankly, make me feel uncomfortable just typing them.


Call it healthy paranoia, call it a need to assert independence… you can call it what you like, but the only reason I now maintain a Facebook presence is to have a means of posting my written work for extra views. The page I have has to be linked to a legitimate account and so I have one ‘friend’ who’s my husband. After that, I don’t care one iota about what the system tries to sell me. In fact, after this morning, I’m tempted to delete my Page too and lose the views. Facebook is such an insidious and damaging thing, in my mind, and that people trust it so freely with their information and lives is a constant source of amazement to me. As I was never the target audience for this, it hardly matters, but the fact that this has been slipped into beta with absolutely no warning both looks and smells like a fait accompli to me.

Of course, it is simple to sort. I’ve disconnected my Facebook account. I’ve deauthorised all other API functionality and, as I’ve been considering for a while, taken myself off Real ID to boot. I spent years posting screenshots to Twitter without needing an in game interface, and I’ll happily continue to do stuff my way rather than be dictated to by someone in a suit who seems to think as a 50-summat housewife I’d like ‘convenience’ and ‘functionality’ at my fingertips. What I’d like, Activision Blizzard, is for more companies to stop selling their freedom and independence under the false guise of progress. This isn’t a way forwards, it’s going backwards, and I am happy to take no further part in proceedings.

Feel free to make your own decisions when this function finally makes it to the Live client.

7 thoughts on “My Life

  1. You have my Axe and my Bow. I have not and will not enable facebook streaming. As you say above, Facebook is not really about people you just “know”. I keep mine locked to friends only and even then I have had to block one or two, including just last night a family member. Twitter I would be okay with, it’s less “personal” but my facebook is not open to all for a reason. As such, Blizzard won’t be getting my facebook profile in it’s ickle paws.


  2. Agree with both posts and don’t understand why the maximum privacy in these kinds of things isn’t set to max as default to then let people choose to lower it if they want. Why is it even necessary in the first place? It’s not really, it seems predominantly (to a cynical mind perhaps) that it’s purely there for ad targeting.

    It’s too easy for all this information sharing, and I’m constantly amazed by info shared by social media, especially that of a personal nature, but that’s another topic :P


  3. Adults are not the people they are looking to grab. They want all the 12-20 something’s that share every bit of their lives on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and all the others. They want all of your friends to see all the fun you are having playing games. Like it or not, eSports is coming. It may be nothing we consider, but for the younger generation, it’s here. Even Micheal Weatherly’s new show Bull, just did an episode revolving around eSports. I would not be surprised if the only way for us to prevent any of this crossing into our Social media presence is to leave it completely.

    I am already seeing people separating their real life accounts from gaming and creating gaming only accounts.


  4. I guess we should have anticipated it with the emergence of forced Battlenet and the fact that you cannot be invisible ever, but I do hate this way we are going forward with online gaming.
    Personally I have found that all Battlenet ever did was encourage me not to log into WoW.
    I used to enjoy the fact that games could be an escape from reality and whilst I cherish the friendships I have made online, sometimes all I really want to do is log in and play selfishly and silently.I did enjoy having a few people on Battlenet that I could team up with and team up for other Blizzard games but with life demanding more, I felt the need for more escape and that isn’t possible with people always aware of where you are and what you are doing.
    I love my guildies but sometimes we all need a bit of non guild space and this could be found in alts but battlenet even took that away or encouraged people being hurt if the get ignored.

    So now I just don’t use battle net and I lost the ability to team up in HoTS or Overwatch which also means I haven’t played these for ages either. I understand some people like the constant interaction but as a grumpy adult I would like to have the choice when and where.


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  6. Sometimes I wonder if this is one of those US/Europe cultural things. It might explain why social media companies fail so often with regards to privacy.
    Hopefully you aren’t a Streetlife / Nextdoor


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