It was, on reflection, a pretty jam-packed seven days last week, so much so that this tidbit passed me by pretty completely: CM Lore’s made good on initial promises to improve the communication process for 7.2, and we now have what looks like an actual timetable in writing of what to expect going forward. I’d like to personally congratulate Lore and his colleague Kaivax for not only stepping up with a concise, understandable and encouraging plan going forward, but also for keeping up with what is, at least for the Company, a significant increase in content pace.

If this all comes to pass, we’ll be entering the most transparent and communication rich period of Development for many years.


I think a lot of players imagine the business of player feedback as simply shoving your complaint in a tweet or an e-mail and expecting shit to change overnight. The truth, as this post now points out, is far from it, and over the years the Company have employed a number of differing means by which they can garner the best type of feedback from their players. Undoubtedly however the best means of getting the RIGHT feedback is not by picking and choosing who you listen to, but by including EVERYBODY in the equation. It is very easy to create echo chambers in places such as Discord and on forums, for instance, if you ignore the extreme viewpoints because they are either rude, unintelligible or simply what many might consider as unhelpful.

Focusing players back to the game’s official Forums and reassuring them that if their complaint is a) legitimate and b) backed up by others with supporting evidence really should be the way forward. Sure, there are those of us who will continue to write our observations elsewhere, but now I KNOW that if I have a complaint about something that I feel matters enough to get the Devs attention, I can cut and paste my text into a forum post. It is hardly difficult to alter your methods to fit somebody else’s instructions, especially when so clearly and elegantly presented. You can continue to spam @WarcraftDevs too, but you’re going to need to make sure you do it with a plan, and that you make judicious use of your 14o character limit. Gone are the days of random ranting: if you want to get noticed? Time to be creative.


I have to say, this is the most encouraged I’ve been over feedback and change since… well, ever, really. Players asked for change, and they have it, so if you’re still of a mind to start ranting about how bad it is that X still remains shit? I’m not listening. Go play something else, or maybe go outside, because you’re not the kind of people we need here to begin with. This game demands players who are willing to help shape the future going forward, not try to pull us all back to a tired and predictable past.

The future, quite literally, now rests in your hands.

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