You will know, if you’ve been here a while, that I collect mounts as my remaining concession to the obsessive in game. That means, when I log and have the time, there’s a Falcosaur Hatchling following me about with what seems to be a permanent silver ? above its head. The fact I know I’m supposed to pet battle with it, then go do a LFR, then pet battle some more and then YAY REWARD has become the elephant in my play session. I appreciate the linear method of questing in this game, and there is undoubtedly little way to escape the spectre of having to do what you’re told to get a reward. Except, in this game right now, I’m frustrated this remains the only way.

I took my Falcosaur to Serpentshrine Caverns, as I hunted for Tier pieces at the weekend. It’s still an inspiring place, after all these years, and I found myself wishing that bringing my pet here might impress him enough that he’d consider allowing me to skip the LFR part of his torture. It isn’t that I don’t want to do group content, after all. I think maybe that the reasoning behind this whole endeavour is simply another excuse for advertising Legion. I know how great the Expansion is. I talk about it daily in the face of mounting criticism from a number of people. You don’t need to sell me a cock and bull line about how this really intelligent bird needs all this Legion ‘training’ to survive in the wild.

You need a better way to pace this journey, and it already exists.


Ironically, the best thing about Garrisons and the mechanic I used to ‘level’ this wee Gnome lass in Highmountain is EXACTLY the same mechanic you should be using for the Falcosaurs, and I can’t understand why you didn’t. Training should be an organic experience that happens wherever you are, regardless of your level or the level of content you complete. It’s really simple: if I go do Dragon Soul with my battle pet out, it rewards on completion a small glob of Pet XP which could level it as an alternative to fighting other pets. Killing max level mobs also rewards XP, but won’t push you into the next ‘level’ of content, thus not allowing you to simply bash out the journey through sheer force of repetition. To lay it out, I’d suggest a better way to do this kind of ‘adventure’ going forward is as follows:

Introductory Questline: Ask them for some money to do it like they do with the Artifact stuff. Get someone to Voice Over it. Trust me, it will be worthwhile.

Level 1 Pet Training: fill XP Bar, visit any 5 legacy raids in a list to allow access to
Level 1 Pet Battle Quest, unlocks Level 2.
Level 2 Pet Training: fill XP Bar, collect various items from across Legion Content to build your pet a suitable home.
Level 2 Visit a Legacy Dungeon for final item, unlocks Level 3

and so on

I’d be happy to do 25 levels of this if it meant that meaningful actions I made actually reflected in pet progress. Right now, this whole ‘do all this stuff, big reward at the end’ thing feels forced and there’s no real association between me and the ‘animal’ I’m supposed to be training. If the whole point of this is to create a longtime companion and not the Unworthy Falcosaur of Entitlement… well, I think there’s got to be a better way. At least it wouldn’t feel like a grind if everything I did could in some way impact the thing’s development. If the point of all this is to get people to battle, there’s a good chance they won’t want to continue that journey once they get the reward they want, and that’s not the point.

Notice also I stuck 25 levels of progress in there, for a reason. How about that instead of battling other pets to get my first stage of the Quest unlocked, you made that 25 level grind the basis on which the entire endeavour was based? You then teach people ON THE JOURNEY that all subsequent pet battling’s a lot faster when you do it in the wild. Hey presto, this gives you for the NEXT expansion a way of rewarding extra shizz for the process (and appeases old lags like me) and introduces an entire new generation of the game to your system. Job is as they say, a good ‘un :D


I think, that if this were the way forward for this aspect of the game, I might have far more interest in taking part, especially as I’m not really being swayed by all that shiny loot in raids any more. I’m about to grind Archaeology today even though the current system sucks monkeyballs for a mount that I love the look of and so finally, blissfully, I get to own a moose skinned mount. Maybe the future isn’t me getting hung up on looks any more, but far more about the immersion of a system that already allows me to bond with imaginary pixels, but seems more concerned in selling itself to a willing audience. Once you grasp I’m here for the long haul, maybe it ought to be more about keeping me with stuff that actually engages than trying to impress me with the supurfluous. Perhaps I’m too old fashioned, I don’t know, but when I’m considering not bothering with a grind because RNG farming has become more attractive than the alternative?

Might be time to rethink the game plan, Design types.

3 thoughts on “One Better Day

  1. i’d agree except other than the LFR bit, the leveling process can be short cut – its not more than six fights in Pandaria against the right boss pet tamers in a fairly random order once the first is done. Or even the pet tamer with the plushi pet in Dreanor is easy to get a level 1 pet to level10/11 in one fight.

    The issue I think you’ll have and its one i support is that pet battling is so big an complex (so that there is some sort of challenge for the people with big collections) is that without a guide its hard to do quickly. You can learn a few pet combinations, the Howling Bomb team became a go to for big chunks of the content – but Blizz nerf any combo that removes the grind/difficulty fairly quickly now.

    I am a big pet battle fan. I’m not a fan of having to do content I don’t enjoy to earn stuff i do enjoy. I understand that it may tease people into learning to like PVP or LFR or even HOTS – but its not worked for me yet.


  2. I insta-leveled all four of my falcosaurs with the level 25 stones.

    The game gives a monthly means of getting a stone, and then each falcosaur quest chain also gives an insta-25 so you really only need one insta-25 stone and you have all four done in a leap-frog approach.

    For minor self-promotion, I pulled apart the Snowfeather steps over on the A3 Pets blog:



  3. thinking about the cross promotion thing – i’d like there to be a mount for doing a certain number of things (i.e. Mythic +) as a Feral Druid – either the community, or the devs, would then cut us some slack and realise that how the community treats the class and its players is not the same as Blizzards numbers ‘proving’ that the current class balance is ‘okay’ #ferallivesmatter


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