Warcraft Game Director comments on ‘lessons learnt’ over AP Design Mentality

In an extensive post on the in-game forums published Friday 17th, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas addresses what he (and many others) considers the ‘hot topic’ of Artifact Power, and how the design team plans to address player concerns moving forward. Changes to the way in which AP is earned and how it is applied will be addressed and applied to 7.2 in upcoming PTR builds with the aim, as Hazzikostas says himself, to provide ‘freedom and flexibility to decide how (players) want to spend their time, and which goals they wish to pursue, while limiting the difference in power between (those) who arrive at different answers to those questions.’


Nighthold Raid now ‘guarantees’ AP Drops

Undoubtedly as a direct result of Watcher’s forum post, a hotfix went live last week which now guarantees that The Nighthold will drop AP rewards for players, providing meaningful alternatives to simply grinding instances on multiple occasions to the same end. For a full list of Hotfixes for current Warcraft content, please click here.


Number of High End Progression Guilds ‘Retire’

Last week saw a number of Guilds who are known for their focus on high end Warcraft raid progression announcing they would no longer be involved in competitive raiding after 7.1.5. Russian guild Exorsus (holders of the Nighthold World First title) are discussing their options going forward, whilst From Scratch (World 4th) SNF (World 25th) and Midwinter (see above) have announced indefinite breaks from the World First ‘contest.’


Dev Q&A Scheduled on Twitch for February 23rd

As promised in the Forum post from CM Lore detailing improvements in communication for 7.2 and beyond, there’s a Q&A scheduled on Twitch this week. You can take part in the hour long discussion either by submitting a question on Twitter using the #LegionQA hashtag or by dropping a question in the Official Forum Thread.

The Chat begins at 11am PST, or for those of us not in the continental US, 7pm CET.


Blizzard announces support for Windows XP
and Vista systems to be phased out

Blizzard announced this last weekend that it will be phasing out support for both Vista and XP systems, and that those players still using these platforms will require an OS upgrade to ensure Warcraft will operate successfully. This will not take place until later in the year however, with warning given before support for both is rendered obsolete.


Further Developments for 7.2 on the PTR

Work continues apace on the PTR, which this week was patched with the complete set of Class Mount questlines for testing. A new five man dungeon, the Cathedral of Eternal Night is also available for exploration, plus the Official Blog gave players a taster of the new Transmogrification Sets feature that will launch when 7.2 goes live.

And Finally…

Due for release in mid-March, Blizzard have released a ‘trailer’ for the upcoming ‘Chronicle’ (Volume 2) which will provide Lore nerds everywhere a chance to read up and understand the background and context to Warcraft’s expansive and often complicated world. Sharp eyed players have already noticed some gems within this book, including the apparent reappearance of an island on Draenor which remains missing from maps in game.

That’s all the news we have for you, see you again next week.


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