sargerasDeveloper Q&A promises ‘Bad Luck Protection’ and improvement to Legendary drops

In what turned out to be a very entertaining hour on the 23rd, Ion Hazzokostas and Josh Allen laid out the state of play in 7.2., a number of current issues with Legendary drops, discussed Artifact power and made some significant observations on the state of Mythic raiding in Legion. MMO Champion have a summary of the discussion or you can watch the full VoD by clicking here.

More significantly however it was announced that the next Q&A will focus exclusively on PvP and will feature Brian Holinka alongside Josh Allen, after which an announcement will be made over upcoming tournaments.


Hatching of the Hippogryphs Event ‘very successful’

Although this reporter was unable to attend, the first annual Hatching of the Hippogryphs event in Ferelas was not only well received, but successful in terms of players accepting their own adopted hatchlings to care for. We hope the Developers are listening closely for calls to introduce more birds as shoulder companions in the near future.


Wing 3 of LFR Nighthold Now Open

Last Tuesday (21st) The third wing of the Nighthold opened for players on LFR difficulty. That leaves only one more part of the instance inaccessible to players on all difficulties: Betrayer’s Rise is scheduled to open on Tuesday, March 7th.


7.2 Raid Testing and Development Continues Apace

This last week saw more bosses being fought inside the Tomb of Sargeras, with World Bosses outside being rotated for assessment every thirty minutes on the PTR (there are currently three to fight for players in the zone.) There’s also continued development of the Broken Shore questing area, which remains in a state of active development.


Darkmoon Faire arrives March 5th

And finally, a reminder that the Faire is in town from early Sunday morning, and this is an excellent opportunity to get +5 Skill points on all your unlevelled professions. There’s also a new selection of toys and cosmetic appearances to be collected using Faire Tickets.

That’s all for this week, we’ll see you back here a week today.


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