PvP Dev Chat this Thursday (March 9th)

This is your reminder to get those PvP questions submitted via the Forums or using the #LegionQA hashtag on Twitter: at 11:00 a.m. PST (7:00 PM GMT) on the 9th, Senior Game Designer Brian Holinka will be joining Lore for the next live developer Q&A. There’s also another guest: WoW esports team manager Jeramy McIntyre will be sharing details of the WoW Arena World Championship for 2017.


Certain Addons being disabled in 7.2 inside Dungeons

With the introduction of 7.2, the Warcraft UI will disable the ability for addons to modify the appearance of friendly nameplates, but only while inside dungeon and raid instances. This has been introduces to prevent trivialisation of certain raid encounters, which was highlighted by the World First Gul’dan Kill.


Darkmoon Faire in Town this week

Yes, it’s that time again to pull out the alts with the shoddy professions and get them to Darkmoon Island, or indeed spend some time playing any number of the new (and old mini games) for Darkmoon Tickets. The Faire will be leaving Azeroth again on the 11th.


Bonus Events Previewed for March

As it is the start of the month (well, we missed it last week) you’ll find Blizzard’s own Guide to what is happening in March right here including this week’s Pandarian Timewalking event. This is also a reminder that Dire Maul celebrates its 12th Birthday on Wednesday. Here’s our remembrance of the place for your enjoyment.

That’s all we have for you this week folks, and we’ll see you again next Monday :D



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