Yesterday I got around to doing some much needed back-end work on the site: it will take a few weeks to push everything through, but the planning yesterday was well worth booking a morning for. It also gave me an opportunity to make some decisions about how I’m going to play Warcraft going forward: I’ll freely admit I’ve been avoiding the issue of alt levelling since about November of last year, because I’m aware of how much effort needs to go into weaponry this time around. Let it be known however that this is not a complaint or criticism of the Company’s policy or approach to the process, quite the opposite. It just means that if I’m going to move forward, I have to want to do so with more than just a vague ‘yeah get this lot to 110’ in my head.


I have my mate @Broximar to thank for the spur to returning to alts, but with a very minimalist approach to the game play I take part in. That means, starting next week, I’ll take one evening a week to start levelling an alt. It will be done with the primary focus not being on anything except getting Professions maxxed. Tomorrow therefore I’m going to take everybody who’s going to be involved to the Darkmoon Faire to begin with a 5 point head start. It also allows me to make a paper list of who is doing what, and begin to investigate what raw materials I’ll need to stockpile for the simplest route to capping out all those skills. Logic dictates I’ll need a combination of ore and herbs to do this successfully, and that means the first person to 110 after Pher will be Kumoho, my Miner/Herbalist.


She fortunately is already equipped with her Marks spec, and is 101, so that’s a bonus. What I’ll need to do now is plan a basic path to max level, and try to maximise her gathering ability along the way. Part of that will revolve around a massive bank clearance too, which I’ll do with every alt as I take them to the Faire. I’m cautiously optimistic that if I’m sensible over not allowing myself to be overwhelmed, this should mean I can steer all the Professions I need to maximum and gear people with the stuff I make whilst on the journey. That will then mean that Pherian is using leather she gathers not to sell on the AH as has been the case since she maxxed out, but to create gear for the rest of the family, which should be the way it has always been.

That means I’ll need to dig out a notebook and create basic primers for each spec I’m playing, what is required, a idiot-proof rotation to refer to when I am playing and a schedule for who comes after the gatherer, and for the first time for several month I have genuine enthusiasm to do just that.


Not only will this provide an important string of content (I’ll be writing more about the minimalist approach for @MMOGames next week) but should give me a much-needed source of relaxation away from my push to getting the writing side of long-term aspirations kick started. I feel it is very important to keep active in an MMO I write about, if only so I’m able to understand how class and spec changes have panned out across this Expansion, and whether the quality of gear I’m using really does matter that much when it comes to levelling. Plus, it allows me to complete a separate group of quests that are unique to each Profession I’ve learnt, which should provide some much needed variety in the adventure.

Watch this space as I finally get my arse in gear, and let’s see how many alts I can max before the Summer finally arrives.

One thought on “Return to Me

  1. This is actually my alt approach to Legion as well. I’m not trying to do anything but keep my crafter network together. I don’t care about their ilvl, artifact weapon status, or in fact if they have multiple artifact weapons except where it gets me XP and let’s me see some story I haven’t seen before.

    This may change when I finally move on to alts that will have additional pets, but I’m very much in wait and see mode there.


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