Having said I’d be making the effort to start on my Alt journey in game, I’ve now taken the first step. Once I’ve finished this blog post, I’ll log into Azeroth and spend the afternoon looking at the contents of four Vanity Guild banks, before deciding what gets kept and what is trashed. I could, if I was so inclined, even keep a record of how much I make just selling bank stuff going forward, but other people do that sort of project a great deal more professionally than I will ever manage. Instead, I’m just here to declutter and reduce the amount of stuff I have to worry about.


I expect this task is going to take all afternoon. It is perfect to fit between rounds of laundry and washing, plus beginning to sort the house for Spring Cleaning which begins in earnest next week. I can do it quietly and look at what materials I can use to make armour and weapons to add to my growing Transmog collection. Mostly, it is an opportunity to really throw stuff away. I have the temptation to hoard, and as I’m currently going through the rest of my real life to minimise ? This seems a great way to practice what I’m preaching in the Virtual world.


I fully intend to list everything that I throw away, as an indicator that I’m capable of doing so. I’ll try and sell a ton of stuff once as well, and if it doesn’t sell after 48 hours this weekend, I’m simply going to trash it as well. On reflection, life is too short to spend weeks trying to sell stuff that nobody wants. If it is important enough for someone to buy first time around? I’ll take the money and run.

Time to go make my online life lighter.

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