Patch 7.2 Launches 28/29th March

As predicted by many, after the last Q&A for patch 7.2 (see below) it was formally announced that the content would be deployed to live servers on March 28th (US) and 29th (EU) with other regions following after weekly resets. This is the largest single patch ever presented by the Company to the public, and has this survival guide which was exclusively debuted by IGN at the weekend.

All major data mining and news sites have their own guides available for the patch: here’s one we prepared earlier.

7.2 Cinematic Debuts after Legion Dev Q&A

As a surprise to viewers at the end of the Legion Dev Q&A (see below) the latest cinematic for the Tomb of Sargeras was shown, revealing for the first time a view of the Draenei homeworld, Argus. For a tongue in cheek analysis of this cinematic and what it might mean, please click here.

Battle.net is dead, long live the Blizzard Launcher


In a move which co-incided with the news that the original Starcraft PC/Mac game is to be remastered and released in the Summer, Battle.net has been rebranded as the Blizzard Launcher. The changes appear to be small and largely cosmetic at present, but the news that these remastered games will be playable direct from the Launcher will be good news for anyone wanting to play them immediately on release.

Major Price Rises for Blizzard Services in the EU

Blizzard have announced that a number of EU and UK prices will be rising after the current sale of WoW services ends. For full details of what services are being increased, please see this Forum post.

Final 7.2 Dev Q&A Discusses Game Systems


The final Legion 7.2 Q&A was held on the 23rd, with Josh Allen joined by Senior Game Designer Ryan Shwayder in a discussion of what players can expect from the Broken Isles quest hub, AP and traits, plus other key aspects of Legion gameplay. The complete VoD can be seen by clicking here.

That’s all we have for you this week, have fun with 7.2 once it launches.


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