With the arrival of 7.2, it is time to resurrect a project I’ve sorely missed since the last time I took time to play with character appearance. Blizzard, rather helpfully, have now produced a brand new interface to let me know what bits of tier I am missing for the completion of sets. Let’s be fair, most would never been worn complete anyway. However, what this change does prompt is a renewed desire to get into Legacy content and pick up items I would use to make outfits under a convenient pretext. Let it not be said I am not capable of giving the gift horse a Paddington Bear (hard stare) when required. Therefore, VOGUE: Mogging Azeroth is back (baby!) and is likely to take the Friday post slot in tandem with my historical Warcraft insights.


The visual nature of this guide is probably the most compelling part of the entire thing, though I’ll grant you it took a while to work out I could only access it when not on my Yak. It is only viewable when you’re not trying to Transmog, which did my brain in initially. I was also rather depressed that there’s so many pieces of gear missing: I thought I’d completed the Striker’s Garb from AQ, for instance, but it now appears I’m missing gloves which are a drop, and that makes me really sad because I’ve probably vended those so many times. No matter, I will press on, and the plan, such as it is, will be as follows:

  • Start with Mail, Hunter gear only (mostly for the sake of my sanity) but pick up Shaman items as well because DUH. Obviously this does not extend to Tier pieces but everything else = fair game,
  • Run a MAXIMUM of three instances in a week until I get the items I need with multiple Hunters,
  • Once a Set is complete, design a Hunter look based on the items using no more than three pieces of that set.

That’s 44 sets and the collection becomes increasingly difficult as I go on. It also includes factoring in mount drops where applicable, and (certainly in the case of early dungeons) not completing the entire instance. The Strikers gloves drop from the Twin Emperors, for instance, so there’s a measure of work to get to there but after that C’Thun drops nothing I need so I can leave. Same goes with MC: Golemagg is my chest dropper, no need to bother with anyone else, and I can jump down to him without the need to engage any other bosses. That means, to begin with, I’ll be focussing on completing the following:

  • Giantstalker Armour
  • Dragonstalker Armout
  • Striker’s Garb

of which the most awkward and painful will be the Dragonstalker because the first boss in BWL is still an enormous faff after all these years. No matter, I’ll work it out, I’m a grown up.


I have a pad and paper all set with needs and runners. I’ve already got alts ready to process the raw materials into items, and to see if I can sell some stuff. Plus, there’s a side project I wanted to start but never got around to of making all the crafted items I have so I can transmog with them, and if things go to plan I should have enough raw materials to make that a reality too.

I look forward to seeing you on my journey.

2 thoughts on “Vogue :: New Shoes

  1. I’ll admit, seeeing the sets tab awakened a completionist desire that I’ve not felt for a very long time, and I suspect I’m likely to be postponing 7.2 content for a while until I’m done with old raids again.


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