What with everything else that has happened this week, having made the decision to go back to the Mogging felt like the right thing to do, and so last night that feeling was very much borne out by circumstance. I still did all the World Quests on the Isles (for the first time since 7.2 dropped, as it happens) but I also took Pher to AQ40 down a route that, I realise, has been a relaxation technique as effective as those I’m learning on my mindfulness journey.

This was the ambiance that would send my daughter to sleep, I realise, in those first months of late night breastfeeding. Last night the journey was wasted for the item I wanted (Hunter Gloves from Twin Emps) but yielded some worthwhile items:



This armour, unsurprisingly, is rather popular for certain character types, because of its obviously revealing nature. That makes it unbelievably expensive to purchase for the completionists in the room, but now I know it drops from AQ40 (along with other very rare items) it makes farming all the more worthwhile across multiple alts. So much so, in fact, that I will get the other hunters down there today for a poke at stuff, mostly because I really do like the Striker’s Garb enough to dress an alt in multiple pieces. Honestly, purple is the BEST transmog colour.


The unexpected bonus last night was these shoulders, which apart from going very well with the Magnificent set are both simple and completely yellow and therefore utterly awesome. I’m a big fan of single colour pieces, because I will admit I get a headache with certain tier’s propensity to have texture absolutely everywhere. That’s why the Magnificent set is never one I’ve owned or desired to have until it became apparent that I’d be able to use it to assuage my still-beating completionism in this game. Now, I’ll happily collect it. Yeah, I’m sad like that.


However, yesterday was not just about clothes: traps are back in 7.2 and I needed to add a button to Pher’s interface to accommodate them. I also need to streamline a lot of my other Hunters UI’s and post the new Mogs they have, before I use them as models for the new Vogue project. That means there are tasks for the weekend, and that’s not happened for quite some time. I’ll happily admit that last night I didn’t write what should have been completed and indulged for an evening. The benefits of doing so (plus a day off from exercise) are already obvious, and this is the reminder to myself that you don’t need to be virtuous and organised every day. You are allowed to kick back and have fun once in a while.

On that front, here’s a video linked by a friend of how to cheese the first boss in BWL if, like me, you can’t have hunter pets out to help kill the mobs. I dunno if it still works or not but I’m gonna give it a go when I next log in, and so you can expect an update when that happens.

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