A new patch is supposed to encourage you to jump into content with renewed enthusiasm, and give you an incentive to move forward. After having played 7.2 for almost a week, neither of those things are true for me. In fact, when I log on tonight I’ll be off to do Legacy Content with scant if little interest in what is currently on offer. That changes of course come reset when (presumably) the next part of the ‘plot’ content will unlock, and I’ll have more stuff to do. However, if 7.2 is supposed to make me want to stay on the Broken Isles or even attacking the Broken Shore. It’s not working.


It’s been a bit embarrassing, really: this reward here, for starters, that I thought was a Normal/Heroic/Mythic only Instance reward until I went back to Suramar to get resources to keep my Phone App ticking over, made absolutely no sense until someone explained everybody got it for killing Gul’dan. But that’s not the worst of it:


The problem you see with nerfing a quest like the Soul Fragments now sticks all my narrative out of order. Illidan’s giving me WQ’s on the Broken Shore but is still dead in the Nighthold because this quest chain’s not smart enough to grasp I just missed out Helya completely for time purposes. The fact this is now an upgrade of gear makes it attractive, but if I wasn’t smart enough to work out what’s going on? There’s no point in making narrative flow matter if you then trample all over it by nerfing content and failing to explain why everything suddenly changed. Yes, of course I get what happened here, but the answer wasn’t to just slash requirements.

Designers should have thought this set of circumstances through more carefully.

If I did all this content at the right time (because now it becomes apparent there was a right time) it would be fine, but now I’m supposed to forget all this stuff (despite the upgrade) because NEW SHINY ZONE BEATS ALL. Except I have less than zero interest in building a Mage Tower, because I mog my gear and what’s the point of a hidden skin when you won’t use it? In fact, if all of this is supposed to encourage me to stay on Timeless Jungle Island?


7.2, gloriously trailed as the biggest content patch this Company has made, has one thing of interest to me, and that’s Transmog Achievements. Massive congratulations to whoever grasped that for some of us, all this pointless mucking around and posing with the latest stuff is a waste of both effort and the limited time we possess. I’ll be keeping myself up to date once a week but honestly, if this is supposed to keep me interested in current over Legacy content? Nope, sorry, it’s pretty much a massive disappointment. After 11 weeks if the plot does the job and we have a satisfactory entry to Argus I’ll let you know, but if you want to make me grind this place like I have zones for two previous Expansions. Not going to work. I’ve played this game before, and I’m done.

If you want me, I’ll be in AQ40 tonight trying to get Legacy gloves to drop.

6 thoughts on “The Disappointed

  1. Don’t forget to add Thunder Island in there.

    I have spent two evenings there in the past week. At most I may do the 4 quests for rep, I have written off flying completely. While I know eventually I will slowly build up the rep, getting the invasions in all the zones does not sound as simple as they portrayed it. One my first evening we ran across the big world boss under the evil space goat ship, and I got a summoning token to bring a demon invasion to Starsong Ranch. But Saturday night I did not see it in my bag anymore. It’s possible I just moved it or am not seeing it. But if it has a limited Use. Yeah not happening.

    Right now it’s overwhelming with the volume of stuff to do, and it’s up to me to work out how to do what I want. But I do know people that are loving the whole thing, even have found ways to get 5000 shards an hour. So yet again, target audience not are we.

    Oh, and I also got an auto complete on the Illidan quest that I had abandoned. Guess I will do it no matter what.


      • Well that sucks monkey balls. Won’t see me doing them unless I camp the spawn area and wait for someone to start it up.


      • I don’t do dress up. It took me a good deal of time to get the outfit I have. And I don’t change it. I am certainly not into the pet battle thing, and while initially I was going to run old content for appearances, a look at all the vendor stuff I would need to purchase soured me on it all.


  2. I waited until the weekend to try it.

    Was not impressed.

    Now, if they added an emissary to the new content? I’d actually be much more engaged in it.

    As it stands? I see no reason why I should go there when I can battle invasions in a week or two to get the rep for flight.

    Especially since the rewards aren’t interesting to me. I don’t even know what the ilvl of these Dauntless items are on the vendor, so why would I risk buying one for my shards?

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  3. It is an island for grinding. It is a bit of a let down after Surumar but it is only designed for grind. The more interesting stuff seems to be on rubber for the next couple of weeks.
    Instance, pet battles and outfits are good.

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