My promise, when I restarted the VOGUE feature last week was to create an outfit based around each of the Tier sets as I collect them. Yesterday was notable for a few things but the one I’d like to remember most?


Okay, APART from that, I managed to complete Giantstalker. I logged Pherian off at Hearthglen, and am grateful to be here this morning to present the outfit I created from the Tier set.


‘She looked at the pieces, and decided to make them work. Amazingly, as she dressed, they did.’

I never liked Giantstalkers when it was current: the shoulders looked like a mantlepiece and the helm was ridiculous. It’s far too busy and sets the trend for my dislike of all sets which could also be available as furniture covers (which is most of them, lets be fair.) This time around I stuck with 3 pieces: Chest, Bracers and Legs, because the cycling short nature of the red peeping out from the leg mail pieces on my Dwarf works really well, and then there’s the chain around the thighs which, with these boots, could almost be hosiery.  Oh, and I make no apologies that those boots are no longer in game. The Bloodmail set from Scholomance is one of those I covet with a great deal of pride.


This looks like bondage gear, I realise when it’s face on, and has as much use as actual armour as an Amazon box in a thunderstorm. Still, it works because I don’t look like furniture, and you’d never be allowed to get close enough to hit me anyway. That stupid skull on the stomach is someone’s idea of a good ‘signature’ look, isn’t it? I’m really sorry, but I’m not buying it. I’m also not 100% sure the cloak is the right pick, and if anything is going to be fiddled with in this ensemble it will be at the back.


‘Her battles and victories etched in every slot, reminders of enemies that now littered the past.’

These were simpler times. I definitely had less to worry about. This set is a reminder of how good things were, to never complain about what you have, and to enjoy each pull as it comes. I’ll be over here, working out the Hunter rotation for Magmadarso, who hasn’t had the book drop yet?


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