Legion Assaults begin on the Broken Isles


With resets on the 4/5th, 7.2 introduced the much-anticipated Legion Assaults across the Broken Isles which form part of the new staggered content for the zone. There were quickly complaints regarding timing on these (see below) and on the whole the reception of the feature has been good, especially as it became apparent that weaponry would be offered as reward, purely for Transmog purposes (as your Artifact weapon is future proofed for an entire expansion.)

Completing Assaults ‘no longer required’ for Legion Pathfinder Achievement


As a direct result of complaints around frequency and timing of these Invasions, Blizzard announced via a Blue post last week that the assault completion component of 7.2 would no longer be required to allow players access to flying on the Broken Isles. As a result of this and with judicious use of Darkmoon Faire buffs plus race changes, a number of committed individuals are now able to do just that.

Blizzcon Tickets ‘sold out’ in two Sessions


As expected, all tickets for Blizzcon XI sold out on their release across two days of purchase. However, if you’re still looking for a ticket, the fan-run site LF BlizzCon may yet be able to help you. This site will also allow you to sell a ticket if you find yourself in possession of spares.

Starting Zone Interview Samwise Didier


My old Podcast home scored a major coup last week, travelling to the Blizzard campus to interview veteran employee and art master Samwise Didier.

You can hear the full interview here.

That’s all the news we have this week, we’ll see you back here in seven days.


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