Yesterday, there was an Invasion up in Val’sharah, and as it is one of the areas I haven’t done, I logged to do so. Doing so it finished the ‘Complete a Legion Invasion’ quest I got from the Broken Isles: handing this in, I noticed the Mage Tower was up again, and decided to work out what all the fuss was about. I assumed the bird at the entrance (Victoria?) was the Challenge Mode shizzle and so ignored her and went inside the Tower… to find Portals. No activity, or NPC’s in furious discussion, or scenes of activity. Just some Portals. So, I stood there for a while, and can’t help but feel that maybe, somewhere along the line, I missed a memo.

As we have discussed yesterday, the individual perception of ‘content’ is becoming so subjective as to be effectively pointless. What is needed right now are facts, and there’s one reason alone why the Broken Shore hub exists, as has been the case since the first one of its kind emerged in Pandaria: this is how you gear your alts. It’s that point in an Expansion where, if you turned up late, that everything is on a fast track mechanic. It is also the place for me to pick up a Flask equivalent item from the Nethershards vendor that will save me a fortune for the next couple of months, and (eventually) be the place that grants me flying. Everything else, at this stage, is largely academic because I took a decision yesterday for the first time in about five years to not renew the payment on my second account. For the amount of time I am playing right now, the expense is simply not justifiable.


There are moments of immersion for me, but they are sadly few and far between. I’m getting fed up of doing the Goblin’s treasure collecting dirty work on the Broken Shore, even though I know there’s a point to it apart from clumsily opening up the map for my achievement. My Suramar Hunter (who’s been immediately deactivated as a Follower because HELL NO) was rude and curt, and I can’t help thinking that (yet again) other classes got a better choice of companion than I did. When I put the subjective aside however there is an intractable truth: after all that greatness in the push to The Nighthold, and a truly epic storyline to dispatch Gul’dan, the well of narrative interest’s yet again run dry. I’ve not done the 5 man yet and a part of me hopes that I’m not shooting myself in the foot by doing so, that this place perhaps unlocks World Quest content and I’m missing it. When someone else puts their finger on the problem, unprompted, it simply serves to reinforce my own disquiet.

Having done three out of the four Invasion scenarios, I have absolutely no desire or reason to do them again. I see more people in Stormwind via CRZ than I do on the Broken Shore. For me, with a new project on the horizon and time being by far my most precious resource right now, there is simply no justification to log in and grind this stuff. Because I don’t see flying as some kind of Holy Grail, I’ve only just broken Honored with the right people and I don’t honestly see myself having the ability to complete the achievement before May begins, if not later. Having written all of this it is really easy to see why people get grumpy about complaint, and why other players wish they’d shut up about it, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it. My main focus here remains grinding Transmog, and for that I don’t need flying or a great gear score, so in all honestly, 7.2 remains of minimal interest.


I’ll be off to try and find a Mount later, the journey for which I’ll report on tomorrow. For now, I think it’s best I just keep on doing what I’m doing and make no more mention of the Broken Shore. There’s no need to keep pushing the point, and there are plenty of better things to be doing. As long as I’m paying a sub, I will make the most of the time I have in game somewhere.

One thought on “Why Should I Care

  1. The game is always great, as long as there is a great deal of stuff to do that holds your interest. While I still have issues with their effectively being only one right way to play my class, and it’s the difference between doing near 600k compared to less than 300k, in equally geared people. I grew tired of everything revolving around Mythic dungeons. Professions, being gated behind them. I do not dislike the level of difficulty for a regular Mythic. It is there for those that want a challenge. But the Mythic + to me encourages all of the bad behaviors we try so hard to break people of. Pulling too much, taking short cuts. All to beat a timer. World quests were nice initially, even the Emmisary encouragement. But after a time it feels never ending. There is no achievement for questing out the zone. Some parts of the story just went no where. Sylvanas had a moment, she was defeated trying to get some thing, and that’s the last we saw of her. I’m sure the same is true for Alliance. We are in the between times. The chance to catch up with content, and gear, I have gotten two 900+ pieces for 5000 shards each. I don’t mind the Island quests because it’s a finite number for the day, however they are plodding doing by yourself. With a friend and followers you make quick work of them, and your done. It’s the game design from Pandaria. Just run around killing shite, collect some form of currency, buy gear to fill missing spots, kill World boss when he is around. It’s the breather, the chance to play Alts. 7.2.5 will drop and we will all get use to changes in abilities, then 7.3 and beyond. They will learn a little more about what works and what doesn’t. And the game will go on.


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