This week, it became apparent that a secret had been hidden in 7.2.

of sea, spirit and self
first of lords to fall
the wind, the eye
the plume, the tomb, a scarab moon
in snow, sand and stone
behold the battle, unblinking
bejewelled watcher
ray of sunrise

Across the entirety of Azeroth, in eight locations, beginning with the first line of this riddle discovered in the Legerdemain Lounge at Legion-based Dalaran, was a puzzle to be solved. It was based on a page in a book, nothing to do at all with anything in game, which comes from Volume 1 of the Warcraft Chronicle:


We know this because the first 5 pages you find plus the first digit of the 6th page (9,78,161,655,845,1) correspond to the EAN (or barcode) of said publication. However, what 12723515555 (other pages) refers to is unclear in any of the Guides I’ve read and I’d like to know what that means, because if this is going to be a proper riddle, it needs to be solved completely. However, the locations one visits once you’ve picked up that first page hold fairly tenuous relation to the lines that send you there. No matter, this is unlike anything we’ve seen in game for a very long time, and that makes it very special indeed. This riddle was solved by an extremely committed and focussed ‘Secrets’ Discord Community which was responsible for locating the Long Forgotten Hippogryph (amongst various ‘hidden’ items) and shows that in Legion, gearing and Instance mastery are not the only ways to ‘win’ at playing.

Except for me, collecting this mount wasn’t a victory: it was something far better.


I was surprised, having heard tales in the first 48 hours after the ‘secret’ was disclosed, how pleasant everyone was around the World areas where pages were collected. It became apparent as I blitzed Firelands on Normal how many items of transmog I’m missing and maybe I ought to be doing more Legacy Instance runs when time permits. When I got to the Siege of Orgrimmar I was 15 seconds away from enrage on Immerseus and thought I was going to die before the game granted me victory, which was a salutatory reminder exactly WHY I don’t raid any more. Then, when I made it into the Well of Eternity, I remembered just how bloody amazing that 5 man was, and that nothing has come close since. Current players simply wouldn’t entertain that level of sedate role-play, and then came the revelation of just how much has changed in 12 years to get us here.


If you think about why you play games as much as I do, exercises like this end up as metaphors, whether you like it or not. In the time it took me to complete this ‘puzzle’ I could have run a Mythic or three, completed some Arenas or filled in my Transmog collection. It doesn’t matter what you do in the Company’s eyes, as long as you are paying to do so, and as a result this diversion (for that’s what it is in essence) serves the purpose it was designed for. It is most excellent content, and goes some way to disproving the theory that 7.2 is simply a re-invention of previous ‘end game catch up mechanics.’ The satisfaction I gained from completing this however far outweighed any of the other options available, because I didn’t use a data mining site to complete it. Yes, I still required a guide, but without that being universally available to a huge portion of players, the ‘puzzle’ retained an element of mystery and satisfaction that undoubtedly would have been lost had this been featured on the Launcher or explained by ActiBlizz themselves.

It is proof, if it were needed, that this game desperately needs more mystery and less planning.


For some of you, it will just be the collection that matters of this mount, and you won’t think that much about WHY you feel satisfied on completion. Maybe some of you won’t feel anything at all but will simply cross the item off your list and move on. I cannot help but feel, as I write up this Guide, that my game would be so much better if less time were wrapped up in mechanics and more thought was given to aesthetics, but that should not really come as a surprise to anyone.

For two and a half hours of my life yesterday, I made time to do new content the justice I thought it deserved, and it was UTTERLY worth the investment. I wouldn’t do the same currently for the Broken Shore (needs more plot than currently available on weekly drip-feed) or an Instance, because I didn’t need maximum iLevel to complete this riddle, or indeed do any of the other stuff I currently enjoy so much. I realise I’m very much in the minority when it comes to how Azeroth now works, but for me at least having less stuff planned for ahead of time is paying real dividends in terms of enjoyment earned. In the end, I became a victim of my own organisation: sometimes the most fun you ever have when playing is when you just do something because it’s there, and for no other reason at all.


LOCATION ONE: Page 9 : Legerdemain Lounge, ground floor of Legion Dalaran on a Bookshelf
LOCATION TWO: Page 78 : Duskwood, Twilight Grove on a table close to the Moonwell (49,33)
LOCATION THREE: Page 161 : Firelands (I did Normal for speed) at the left rear of Ragnaros’ platform.
LOCATION FOUR: Page 655 : Lost City of the Tol’vir (70,78)
LOCATION FIVE: Page 845 : Sha of Pride room from Siege of Orgrimmar. Far left corner, you don’t even need to engage the Boss (but I did.) LFR bugged for me as a Hunter but 10 man was fine.
LOCATION SIX: Page 1127 : Well of Eternity 5 man in the Caverns of Time. You’ll need to get to the last encounter, the page is by the Well itself, near the last boss.
LOCATION SEVEN: Page 2351 : Shado-Pan Monastery at the base of a Tiger statue in Kun-Lai (34.6, 50.9)
LOCATION EIGHT: Page 5555 : Uldum at the base of a statue (76.4,53.6)

To ensure you have collected all the pages, use this script (which I used without issue)

/script local a={45470,47207,47208,47209,47210,47211,47212,47213}for i,q in ipairs(a)do print (format(“Page #%s: %s”,i, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(q) and “\124cFF00FF00Done\124r” or “\124cFFFF0000Not Done\124r”)) end

Once all eight pages are collected, your reward will then be located in Westfall (30.5 28)


The original Imgur Guide (including pictures) can be found here.


3 thoughts on “The Windmills of your Mind

  1. Thanks – didn’t know about it until I read about it here – and spent a few hours last night getting it. Was good fun, I agree more of this stuff needs to be in game. Or maybe it already is….


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