argosPatch 7.2.5 Live on the PTR

As expected, the PTR is already alive with details for the upcoming ‘transition’ patch that will presumably co-incide with the opening of the Tomb of Sargeras instance in early June. Included on the bill is a 10-30 man Timewalking Raid (Black Temple), a new ‘Story Scenario’ (details TBC) and a number of new festivals, including:

  • The Moonkin Festival
  • The Trial of Style (A Transmog themed event)
  • Auction House Dance Party

The blue post detailing everything can be found here.

riddlerNew ‘Secret’ Mount uncovered in Game

Thanks to the sterling work of the ‘Secret’ Discord Community, the Riddler’s Mind Worm that had originally been considered as an April Fool’s gag is now in my hands, as well as many others. Taking a couple of hours to complete and expecting players to traverse old Azeroth locations and Instances, this was a great use of online time and effort.

For a full review of the process, please click here.

pvp_imageFinal Legion PvP Season 2 US and EU Cutoffs Announced

After issues with disqualified players, Activision Blizzard were finally able this week to announce the cutoffs for ranks in Season Two so that rewards can finally be distributed.

US Details are here, whilst the EU Details are here.

That’s everything for this week, we’ll see you on the 24th :D


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