Yes, I’m still playing Warcraft. In fact, this afternoon I reactivated my second account, despite telling myself that I didn’t need it, because I’d like to run AQ40 on more Hunters over the Bank Holiday Weekend. This is due to the fact that there appears to be no Mail loot on the Twin Emperors at all, despite the in game UI telling me otherwise. I’ve also run out of Resources AGAIN so really, there needs to be some World Questing on Pherian… except I can’t get the enthusiasm to do it alone. Instead last night I swapped 20 Blood of Sargeras for resources and instead spent an hour killing invaders in Stormwind for nothing except the oddly cathartic feeling I got watching an invader total increase.


It would have been fun to keep the buff, but as it dropped the moment I entered AQ40, I soon forgot about it. Instead I’m looking at my Transmog planning and really hoping somebody in Vanilla or TBC Content could be nice and give up the goods this evening. I have neither time or ability to farm everything, and until these guys drop what I need, there is really no desire to move on. I’m also annoyed that the only time I’ve seen an Azsuna Invasion event pop for ages was when I was waiting for an Ultrasound this morning. Typical, really.


Tonight I’m also hoping to do a Blackwing Lair run and yes this time the actual helmet for my T2 will drop, as it appears having a replica from updated Onyxia does not count as Transmog. I’m not that mad about the level of completionism involved in this endeavour, in fact I’m happily satisfied that the effort’s been made to make these sets have to be collected the hard way. It also means I’ll run through the Eye on at least two characters before the weekend is out in the hope I can get the bracers I need for the Rift Stalker Armour set: it helps it’s a three day weekend here in the UK, and I can not stress too much about anything except faffing tomorrow.

If you’re interested in how I do, the Twitter account will live tweet my failures (or otherwise) as I go.

2 thoughts on “Quiet Life

  1. I have noticed some of the missions now come at a steep price. Saw one at 2000 resources. I have been hand picking WQ’s that reward resources and have the follower with additional enabled.


  2. there are three missions that spawn when the command center on Broken Shores is built – high cost, very long duration, but very high reward – i have one that will reward 15 million AP with my artifact level


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