may_graphic.pngA Busy 31 Days in Warcraft

May is particularly packed in terms of in-game events, and the Official Warcraft Blog has all the details you need: however, as there are four new events planned for the month, we’ve highlighted them with a little more detail. Starting today, here’s what you can find going on in and around Azeroth:

Children’s Week: May 1-8
Battleground Bonus Event: May 2–8

PvP Brawl Warsong Scramble: May 2–8

It’s a reboot of the classic Capture the Flag scenario, but this time without the need to have one at your own base. There’s a bunch of power ups scattered on the map too: first to five flags wins!

Darkmoon Faire: May 7–13
Legion Dungeon Event: May 9–15

Spring Balloon Festival: May 10–12

Two days to hop into a hot air balloon (first seen in Pandaria) and take to the skies. Bring a  friend!

Pet Battle Bonus Event: May 16–22

PvP Brawl: Deepwind Dunk: May 16–22

Dunkball in the Pandaran dungeon sounds like a lot of fun. This one we might even try.

Cataclysm Timewalking Dungeon Event: May 23–29

Glowcap Festival: May 27

Sporeggar in Zangarmarsh holds the First Annual Mushroom festival.

Arena Skirmish Bonus Event: May 30–June 5


Live Devchat on April 27th Covers 7.2 Topics

On April 27th, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas and Community Manager Josh Allen sat down to answer questions on patch 7.2. The full Twitch event can be found here.

There is a Q&A session scheduled for this month in anticipation of the launch of Patch 7.2.5 in June.

That’s all we have for you this week, we’ll see you back here on the 8th :D


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