I have a confession to make: with the change in direction my writing is taking, I was feeling guilty about not posting about Warcraft as much as I used to. You see, my love for Azeroth has yet to diminish, I still play when I can and there’s a whole shedtonne of history behind me that is impossible to ignore. That means that this morning I was sitting after a particularly productive session of poetry writing, wondering how I can carry on giving this site content without being unfair to my own legacy.

Then, I remembered the screenshots.


I’ve recorded a PHENOMENAL amount of this game in pictures. My screenshot folder got so unwieldy that it had to be migrated off my main PC and onto an SSD drive. In it are memories of a life that was often lived a little too close to the pixels, but which still remains a love and warmth I will never be able to ever really disown. Some people need that closure, to say to the World ‘this game is no longer enjoyable because [insert reason here]’ but for me, that moment has yet to happen. Even if my own aspirations to build a career for myself later in life end up consuming everything that I do, a part of me always lives in Azeroth, for better or worse.

So, I’m going to go back to seven day a week posting, starting today. How will I accomplish this, you ask, when you’re struggling to play more than a couple of days a week? Well, I have the answer, and it involves judicious scheduling plus being honest I’m doing just that. I can put aside time every week to pick a group of images (some that maybe already familiar to my regular readership) and tell you the story of why the shot was taken, or a memory associated with the zone, or perhaps even some prose or poetry that the image inspires. That is certainly doable in the time frame I currently possess, and can be front loaded into the site on a weekly basis.


That means, starting Thursday, I’ll be regaling you with hearty tales of time past, thinking about the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor in a new light, and basically providing you with a new Warcraft post a day, even if it is old news.

I’ll be interested to know opinions of what I come up with.

One thought on “Discovered Azeroth [INTRO]

  1. i enjoy reading your work – whether its favorable or not about WoW (prefer it when you are happy though of course) and any Alt is better then no Alt. Not many people cock their head to one side and look at WoW in a different way anymore – its either reposting stuff from the news and data mining sites or just spewing their bile about a game they love to hate.

    So i now feel the need to find where in the game the first screen shot is from – Dreanor I’m guessing – but i need to stand there myself now.


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