After some searching, this is the earliest in game screenshot I still possess.

I have been playing since 2005, but was only taking screenshots with intent when my blog first started back in February of 2009. The original file name for this screenshot (WoWScrnShot_100609_101105) tells me this was taken on June 10th, a little under two months after Patch 3.1 (Secrets of Ulduar) launched. I was quite the dedicated farmer back then, too. That Hippogryff I just picked up is the Exalted reward with the Silver Covenant, but it was earning the Seals that took the work.


  • I’d been doing a lot of PvP, especially on the Isle of Conquest and AV, as the two tracked achievements attest. In fact, if memory serves, I picked up the Mount whilst waiting for Wintergrasp to pop (1 min 40s on the timer :P) ALSO, as this was Wednesday, there was a better than average chance we’d win and I’d get a Vault run before lunchtime.

  • My UI has not radically changed since 2009. Yes, I’ve fiddled with it a bit, but in essence it remains the same. I’ve been using Titan since it was introduced.

  • Ah, Serpent Sting. How I miss you so.

  • Vegetable Stew was the Cookery Daily :O

  • 18k health and 12K MANA People. Those indeed, were the days, my friends.



My daughter was at Nursery on Wednesdays, and I could get her delivered there after her brother went to school, thus leaving me to make the most out of the reset day. I’d eat breakfast at the PC, and as you can see was very dedicated to my task. Wintergrasp remains a phenomena I doubt ActiBlizz will ever be able to successfully better, however hard they try reinventing everything. It was just unlike any other PvP ever taken part in either before or since, including Ashran. It was typical of a time where Ulduar had arrived and pretty much ended up as the place anybody worth any kind of skill wanted to play in, and I’d been there at the start. There’s a screenshot in the early batch of grabs from this period with me in 10 man Ulduar as, of all things, a healer.

Going out of my comfort zone happened a lot in those days, as I recall.

It would be a lie however to try and pretend what mattered most was raiding, because it never really did. That was, on reflection due to the fact we were always oversubbed for runs and it was often easier just to give up a spot to someone else. That left time for PvP, questing and grinding for mounts and pets. Not battle pets back then, of course, you just got a companion and that was it. They were, on considered reflection, so much simpler times overall. I had 31 free bag slots and 776 gold that day, which isn’t bad. There’s a desire to know what was in the keychain too, just for old time’s sake, but that (like so much else) has now vanished forever. I should also point out I’d only just learnt how to use macros.

Nobody said I was good.

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