It has been a very long couple of weeks on the farming front. When you only have limited time, making progress can feel really difficult, but over the last two days I’ve made time to try and finish some of the early tier sets, with a measure of success.


For a long time I was convinced AQ40’s Twin Emperors didn’t have mail in the loot table, despite evidence clearly to the contrary. However, this week, at the first time of asking, I can cross off another set in my wish list:


Making a Mog for this is part of my To Do List today, but the red/purple combo makes it something of a challenge. I have some ideas however, and the plan is to use it on my Night Elf until the next set is completed. Similarly, I’ve broken with tradition and already equipped a complete Tier set on my Draenai, because when she discovered the Sunwell, I also managed to finish Gronnstalkers, which was previously only missing the headpiece:


Hunter headpieces, to a fault, are ugly things. However this set has always been attractive, pieces used regularly since Transmog was introduced: the shoulders particularly are lovely. It helped a lot that the ranged weapon that effectively matches this set (Golden Bow of Quel’Thalas) dropped in the same run, because frankly this is the only thing you could ever wear as accompaniment:


The weekend also has reminded me that I miss getting Achievements:



I’m not sure how I fix this, to be honest, except have more time to play. Having taken this long to pick up these sets, it is a bit soul destroying. However, what is worse is that I can’t solo places like BWL or Karazhan, even with the guides, because I’m simply not a good enough player.  That means asking my husband for help, but he’s not logged in for nearly a month. There’s a separate post on how Warcraft has failed people like him, but I’m enough of a realist to grasp that external distractions right now far outweigh the desire to keep grinding an Artefact weapon to play as a casual.

I will ask him if he’ll consider an evening a week to help me out starting on Tuesday. I can at least then try Kara and BWL once, and I can clear to Chess so that it saves time. Right now I need two helms, two sets of boots, wrists, hands and waist to finish the Demon Stalker and the S1 Gladiator Chain. Only the Helm remains in BWL and if I sort out the Macintosh with an updated game I can drag a Clothie through and pick up stuff for them. Once that’s done? We’ll think about Ulduar and ICC.

I must stick an alt in Stranglethorn to go start doing ZG for the mount every day.

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