I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been in Zul’Gurub. For a while I justified the effort by skinning everything around the water (and indeed anything that could be skinned) so that I’d make money from effectively wasting my time. I went into the instance last weekend with the intention of leaving this alt there to farm Mandokir. Instead, she’s now sitting outside Utgarde Pinnacle where I’ll log in shortly and have a run at the mount I’m missing there. Getting this drop when I did wasn’t because I finally appeased the RNG Gods, or that I’d stopped worrying about getting the Raptor. It was just the way this game works.

If you do something enough times, what you want will drop.


I have run Molten Core since it was current content. I never saw the Bindings drop at any point, on any character, until a couple of weeks ago. I own one of the two Glaives from Black Temple, having run it daily for about two months to get the pets. The rarer stuff gets, the less likely I am now to even have the inclination to farm it. The time vs effort equation over 12 years of content is finally beginning to become counter-productive. However, it isn’t just the Legacy Content that’s suffering. I’ve not run Timewalking for a while, and I’m not able now at weekends to give over large blocks of time to sitting at a screen. You know all this, I make no secret of my desire to work on other things, and yet the Mobile app still gets used, until I run out of resources and have to farm more, and now I realise that this is the entire point of that App. It’s a means of getting me to log, even if it’s to swap 20 Blood of Sargeras for Resources and log off again.

That’s just how this works now.


The reasoning for continuing with this MMO waxes and wanes, almost on a daily basis. This week however I had fully intended to write, but Real Life had other ideas, and all things being equal I intend to start again on that path tomorrow. It will help, of course, that if I’m using screenshots all I need as content is memory, rather than getting excited about all the great stuff currently available, which remains as great. It hasn’t become awful overnight, or less relevant because I’m not playing it. It just sits there, and will undoubtedly be caught up on when the Tomb opens. Don’t tell anyone, but I did half a level on the Alt at the weekend, who’s at 104 right now. I’d like to get her to 110, and then start on the next one. However, the chances of anyone being AP-d at all after that, honestly, is slim to none.

There’s a post at some point about how Artifacts destroyed my Alts forever. But not today.


Life in terms of progress now is permanently with Pherian. She, however, is likely to take a break with only occasional outings to do Resource gathering until I’ve got my Patreon up and running. Priorities mean that having my real life supersede a game is the way it now goes. Once upon a time I seriously considered I could make a go at being a ‘Warcraft personality’ but finally, after long and considered reflection, it is not what I want. I desire autonomy and integrity more, and the longer I stay embroiled in the politics of this game, the less the desire is to have any part of it. So, to preserve my enjoyment of the experience and to leave other people to enjoy themselves, it is time to change direction. Sometimes being a small fish in a big pond isn’t enough. You need more, and I need this.

That’s just how I work.

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