As I type, the machine to my right is being updated to run Warcraft after a layoff of several years. Twitch and Curse clients have been merged. I’ve decided that during my convalescence I’ll be playing in Azeroth, but nowhere near current content. This is crucial, I’ve now grasped, that the way forward for me isn’t getting frustrated at gearing or waiting for a current thing to be doable because I cannot do it alone. If I spend my time obsessing about not getting new content  ‘done’ there’s only frustration and unhappiness in my wake. To make this work, and to keep me sane, it is time to fundamentally amend the approach. That means, having removed the Mage from my Guild of over ten years standing to integrate her into a Vanity Guild, I will also do so with my Rogue. That gives me every armour class to play with, without having to worry about spamming pointless Achievements into Guild, or upsetting anyone by not communicating.

Effectively, I make Warcraft a one player game.


I know this isn’t what Warcraft’s built for, before anyone points out that this is fairly anti-social. I could argue that I don’t need to worry about taking alts out of Guilds to make this happen but you know what? This is what I want to do, and explaining it here should (hopefully) prevent any confusion or misunderstanding. Once that’s sorted, it can be time to work out what I want to do with Transmog, which is now the most important thing to start breaking into. I REALLY want to spend some time doing this when not working on my Patreon, and it is very relaxing running old content I can do in my sleep as a way to gather things I don’t own (and I’m including patterns in this plus mounts.)

Therefore, it is time to sort out the means to do so.


Crucially, flying is largely academic for anything pre-110, so there’s no ‘rush’ to get it sorted in Legion. In fact, my plan as it stands, is to do it in an hour a week or thereabouts: gathering enough resources to continue to use the Mobile app, and then pick off missions as I go. I won’t be completing the Tomb on release, and I’ll pick up LFR when my husband is ready.  This is me, quietly and accepting with a feeling of palpable relief that the ‘rat race’ to make it to 110 on any other alt is now over. Once I know when the next Expansion will launch I can drag everyone up to max, and then start again, but I’ve lost any desire to keep up. In fact, if I were forced to do so, I think this would be the point I quit for good. There is no fun in that journey any more, even with the addition of all those lovely quest chains for professions. I’d like to complete them from previous Expansions first, I realise, before I start picking up anything new.

I could check out now, I realise, but this is still a part of gameplay I enjoy, and so I’m going to do my best to make a decent fist of collection when there’s nobody else to consider but myself. This way nobody else gets hurt, nobody has to be stressed, and I get to justify a monthly sub.

Let’s see how this goes going forward.

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