I’ve been away for a while, and this enforced absence has given me a chance to think about what Warcraft has become for me since Legion launched. There’s still absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Broken Isles continues to stand as the best Expansion in terms of content since TBC, or indeed any additional content launched since. What remains divisive for so many is what that content asks of the individual player to complete and remain current. In fairness however, that problem for me began during Pandaria: it would be churlish to keep pointing at AP and gating as if their influence had suddenly evolved from present circumstance.

The issue remains however: how do I deal with personal backlog and remain sane.


One of the many unfulfilled goals back in Warlords was to own a million gold. I’ve spent virtually nothing in Legion and it has hardly been a stretch to hit that milestone: however, had there been raiding or any form of serious fist at anything that constitutes End game, that would have looked significantly different. I’m not making money to pay for a sub, either, or to make sure that when Destiny 2 launches I can buy the game with a Battle.net balance. What exactly is the point of the cash to begin with? Right now it’s probably too early in the day (and I’ve not had enough caffeine) to even make a guess at what that could mean. However, I did spend a large proportion of yesterday making bags to sell on the AH, and it was from this action that real enlightenment on motivating emerged.


I’m still enjoying making things. The problem with this process, of course, is that with all the Professions I currently carry, across various alts, being in such a complex and incomplete state, it makes my head hurt trying to work out completionism on this particular time budget. So many of my alts need to be back in Garrisons to finish that journey, before I even consider the run through current questing. I don’t want to start fragmenting progress by splintering off through too many different paths either, so today needs to be a line in the sand, and the establishing of a routine that benefits everybody long term. That’s tough, because there’s no Guide for this anywhere. I have to work it out on my own, and then set a routine to make it work.


Therefore, this morning, I’ll take all the people with a Profession that I know don’t own all the Draenor recipes back to their Garrisons and start sorting out raw materials to allow them to learn what’s missing. This has NOTHING to do with having a three star version of a thing so I can be more efficient, and frankly I don’t care about ever earning these because there is no need to for the effort expended in collection. I’m here to wave the completion flag, pure and simple. Pherian is short a couple of recipes in specific places and therefore I need to work out where these come from and how to find them. Then, those places will be farmed weekly before I worry about Transmog.

The logistics of this project are already making my head hurt. However, this is not a problem. I will make progress. I am determined not to squander years of effort and to continue to enjoy what I have here, as a testament to the fact that you don’t need to spend a fucktonne of cash or play 24/7 to do just that. The satisfaction will come from beating Warcraft in my unique single player mode, with no-one to compete against but myself. I don’t need an award for effort, or a pat on the back from somebody else to say this is worthwhile. I make my own content from now on.

Let’s see if I’m capable of doing that successfully long-term.

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