It is time to put money where considerable gob remains, and get on with sorting out the Twisting Nether that is my gaming existence. That means some effort in the previous Expansion (despite my now quite obvious loathing of the Garrison) and in several Expansions previously, if the lists of unlearnt recipes on certain alts are any indicator. However, this won’t happen overnight, and is going to require a measure of consideration to do right.

What has become apparent to me during this organisational period is that the people designing Professions appear to have operated on a fundamentally differing level than the niche player like me. Yes, the journey to max level is significant, of course it is, but not at the expense of skipping recipes along the way. I don’t equate the best ‘version’ as the one that takes the least amount of reagents to complete either. I just wanted to collect them all, right up to the point you started giving me three copies as a gating mechanism. That’s just taking the piss, and has sent me back to Legacy largely by necessity.


Legacy just expects me to collect one version, and a unique appearance that goes with the craft. That doesn’t care about my level either, and frankly that whole linking it to the journey was great once, but sucks monkeyballs for each subsequent trip when time is the limiting factor. Mostly, I am still (in at least one case) so far behind with collection that I just won’t go and do anyone else until I have patterns organised. This game’s assumption that all that matters is the ability to make current content items is utterly 100% incorrect in my case.

To stop myself from being consumed by pointless competitive behaviour, it is now time to go right back to Vanilla and ignore the rest of what’s being presented inside 100-110, until I’m done with enough of the past content to a level of satisfaction. To do that and keep sane requires a focus on basic principles.


If I take my Jewelcrafter Warlock as the benchmark, I still haven’t collected all the Cataclysm gem patterns, and am missing a fair number of recipes both from TBC and Wrath. Of course, these are pointless if I were a raider, but I’m not and won’t ever be going forward. So, that means the sorting system that the UI provides is something of an arsepain in terms of organisation, and I’d be lost without Ackis Recipe List as a fallback. Of course, at some point has to come a list organising which Instances I’ll need to farm, what is BoP and BoE, how many tokens I’ll need to swap about to obtain what I need… for this and every profession that’s been left behind.

As a first point of passive acquisition before I start organising a brief daily login (and a swap from Garrison to Stormwind to pick up quests) I can upgrade both JC and Alchemy buildings, stick a follower in both and pick up all the recipes I’m missing. That leaves me an evening a week to run the places I know have recipes. Once that’s done with JC, then it can be Engineering… and so on. Small steps, careful increments, and the understanding that some recipes will not only be beyond my skill, but more importantly patience. That means no Leatherworking Moose, as the record has previously stated, and that’s still totally fine. After all, if there is no fun in process, really, there is no point at all.


There’s also a very real desire not to play this game exclusively in the current Expansion. I am beginning to resent the assumption that 110 is all that really matters, and that I am somehow less of a player without a maxxed out artifact weapon. As a result, placing alts in various Expansions and simply leaving them to live and work in those constraints has become an extremely attractive proposition. Then there is no assumption or pressure on either me or indeed them to be anything other than sub max level. Really, when all is said and done, that is where the most stress now occurs for me, to the point where I’m beginning to disconnect more and more from what is presented as ‘relevant.’ The joke, of course, is that it only remains so until the next Expansion launches.

I think that’s probably an interesting blog post for another day, but for now, I’ll be concentrating on my own definition of completionism.

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