Welcome to Legacy Content, Folks. Currently this has been more fun in an hour of morning playtime than I’ve managed since my husband effectively gave up because of the AP Grind, oh and because it’s Summer and there’s bikes to ride. As you can see from the header image, after four years I finally own an Unborn Val’kyr. I wasn’t going to do more than a couple of laps of Icecrown for mining levelling this morning, because I’d like to get to the Gym earlier than I managed on Monday, but you know how it is… just one more circuit, round up the nugget total to an even number so I can get another stack of Ore for the JC Lock to prospect. The last 24 hours have been truly revelatory. I think I might have finally walked away from four years of bitterness over what happened in Pandaria, and how social game time got weaponised in the exact same fashion as raiding. Certainly, being able to level in two different expansions (neither of which are even close to current) and without a demon in sight is indeed very satisfying.

Nobody is going to break any records killing the Twilight Cultists in Silithus right now. However, as they are L100 against my 101 Frost Mage? That means 342 XP per kill, and that’s better than nothing. If I believe my addon last night it would take a day of grinding just to make it to 102. When all that matters is max level or the AP on your weapon, the choices made differ significantly than when what you want more is a Vanilla pattern. I am not motivated by the best in slot or spell synergy, Dev team. I am not interested in the path you claim to lay me to 110 because, ultimately, I do not have the time required to do stuff that way any more. What I possess is an hour every morning tops, with a massive ‘family’ to accommodate, and have decided that really, truthfully, none of Legion’s stuff matters to finish now. It will be easier, undoubtedly, when it is Legacy and I’m really sorry but as I’ve not finished the stuff from Cataclysm yet? Here’s my new path. You don’t tell me what to do, and I never need a website guide ever again.

I stop playing ‘properly’ and to Hell with the consequences. After all, I’m still paying you money every month, so you win regardless. What’s the worst that could happen?


That means that my Jewelcrafter, for the time it takes for her to collect tokens for all those backlogged recipes via Daily Questing in both Stormwind and Northrend Dalaran, earns 30,100 XP a day. Nope, that’s hardly earth-shattering, but it is 30K more than if I didn’t play her, and again this is a key factor that Devs seem to overlook. If all you do is measure success by the numbers of people consuming current content, that’s great, but only to a point. Unless you scale everything, everywhere to do as the Broken Isles does, this kind of content will be more attractive to those of us who, for want of a better phrase, aren’t as competent with brains and hand co-ordinating, or that play on older and outdated equipment. This method of ‘levelling’ is akin, I suppose, to the guy who did 1-110 without leaving the Wandering Isle: it is the journey that matters, and never the destination, because when you get there and become bored, where is there to go other than out of the game and to somewhere else?


I’ve never gotten bored, only frustrated with this MMO. Because of that, I have a L100 now levelling Mining the way I was taught to do it and not piecemeal, as an afterthought when I’m going from 100-110. Because of that I made sure I knew where the Val’kyr spawn points where in Icecrown, because there is no point in doing just one thing at a time. The Devs have finally learnt that lesson with Legion’s professions, but there is no real desire to let players be anywhere than the current Expansion. Sure, that lovely dollop of fantasy you got in weapon choice gives an illusion you’re living in the past, but that is all it is. Until the rest of the Expansions scale with your character, until I can go back and redo all the Northrend quests at 105 and truly be free to level as I please, nothing really changes. It will never happen, because undoubtedly some raid team somewhere will find an exploit and break the sanctity of End Game progression, and once that happens the whole concept of Warcraft collapses to begins with, because without balance in all things, there is no point.

It’s okay, I totally understand. You carry on enjoying what you do. I’m absolutely fine here.


I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about Pandaria, and how it was, in essence, the Expansion that finally broke my compulsion with progress. It was, I now grasp, all wrapped up in the belief that everything was doable, even at the expense of reality. What Legion now does is place so much choice at the hands of players that progression becomes distorted: depending on where you stand, what appears to be ‘normal’ achievement can in fact be anything but. This places the onus therefore solely in the hands of individuals: if your GM is of the right mindset and can only run three hours, twice a week, then everybody can be truly casual. The problems come when the definition of progress is only the start of your issues. That’s why, in the final analysis, relying on my own guidance will always win the day.

So far, that seems to be working pretty well.

One thought on “Living in the Past

  1. Don’t forget cooking and fishing in your capital city, doing the cooking dailies in each for the achievement and the fishing daily in old Dalaran. Profession quests have scaled with level for quite some time. I leveled 2 characters to max with cooking/fishing and just doing what the garrison had at level 3. Oh, and of course Darkmoon.


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