When I look back on the last week in game, I will remind myself of the fact that sometimes, however hard you try, it just isn’t the right time for stuff to happen. That’s the way it was, it seems, with Pet Battling in Pandaria. On Thursday I sat down and finally understood how everything worked. I made teams. Then I found one of my neglected L90’s, sent them to the Timeless Isle, and queued for the scenario.


I managed to do the other six trainers by ‘cheating’ with guides and before next week I’ll have new strategies for those all programmed into my addon. Then, it will simply be a case of grinding out the coins. After that? There’s a few things I can occupy myself with.


The recipe thing’s going great, by the way. Alchemist only needed three on Wednesday, and then I make a couple of potions and so BANG, down to two. They’re both drops too, so when next I have some free time in Northrend, I’ll attempt to knock those off too.


Also, I can now do an average Utgarde Pinnacle run in under five minutes. Think it might be time to park an extra alt (or two) in Northrend to up my chances of a drop…

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