Okay, NOW we can stop and have a think.

The problem with writing on the same topic for protracted periods of time, ultimately, is repetition, especially during the now legendary ‘fallow’ periods between patches. Blizzard announced their raid preview for the Tomb of Sargeras late last week, which means we’re not far off having 7.2.5 go live and after that… well, unless you’ve been locked in a broom cupboard since Blizzcon, you’ll know what’s coming next.


Looking at these bosses, it is for me like staring back over 12 years of raiding. This boss above takes me straight back to the Black Temple, others remind of Karazhan and Serpentshrine and there is a sense, like it or not, of being fooled by the present, as it is so clearly dressed in the guises of my past. That’s the point, of course: this is the oldest place on Azeroth as yet unexplored. These redesigned skins aren’t repetitions of the past, but the originals on which those TBC skins were created. As has become so popular at the cinema, on TV and even in literature, origin stories are what matter most right now. Here is the past, re-imagined with better graphical sophistication and the correct amount of deference to what came before. Except for those like me who aren’t done in the past, it can all seem a little hollow.


The more time I spend just focussing on simple tasks, the greater becomes the realisation that this game asks an incredible amount from those who play it. I just have to listen to my son, who’s playing again because he has friends who have taken the L20 Starter edition, to understand just how much never gets explained when you enter this world with no previous knowledge. Of course, a great deal can be picked up via osmosis but for the detail, of which there is a phenomenal amount, Guides often never do the experience justice. For instance, I’m vaguely aware that somewhere in my Class Hall should be some dress dummies with Tier sets on them, which appear as sets are collected, but I have no idea where to even start looking. Now I’ve reminded myself that can be the next job when logging on: that is life now, as I play multiple alts daily. Of course, most of that goes nowhere near current content, and long may it continue.

Today, I can cross an item off the To Do list and move on. Woo’s token farm is going really well, and today I think, in a quiet moment, I’ll start working out which Battle pets I’ve missed picking up across the last three Expansions. I know there’s a few left to capture on the Broken Isles, and the next time Pherian needs to go farm Resources I’ll see if I can’t pick up any, but only if I happen to be in the same zone. This would also be a good day, I suspect, to go and clear out some of the Raid quests I have as people will be aiming to finish off the old Instances to prepare for the Tomb’s arrival. It would have been embarrassing to admit this an Expansion ago, but I’ve still not done all of the Nighthold in LFR. Somehow, the plot has stopped mattering. Maybe its because I’ve had enough of demons, or perhaps more significantly my focus simply doesn’t sit with the narrative when it expects me to work at a certain speed.

None of this stuff is going anywhere, after all. It’ll still be there when I’m ready.

One thought on “Your Cheating Heart

  1. “my focus simply doesn’t sit with the narrative when it expects me to work at a certain speed.”

    Same for me, but without it, not much was left as I was not interested in completionism and grind alone. So I bid farewell to all the MMO(RPG or other) stuff altogether. I dropped it all, off to play other, single-player oriented things that have a much clearer beginning and end, and where I dictate the terms.


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