Okay, I’ll admit it. For an hour today, I did current content on an alt. That only happened because, when I logged in at breakfast to collect Jewelcrafting tokens, an invasion was up in Highmountain. That meant six sites plus a Bonus objective, in one of the few zones in which I own the majority of flight points. I’m about 8k into Honored with the Flying Reputation dudes, so no hope there with the skipping and the swooping and the hadda hadda hey. Just good old fashioned legwork and a steed to call my own, plus a lot of feigning, but in Good News [TM] I finally worked out the MM rotation, just in time for it all the change (probably) in a few weeks. Needless to say, that hour earned me close to two levels.

It was well worth the temporary diversion from task.


Then, swapping to Pher, there was a Legendary Dig site up in the same place I happened to be for the Legendary Materials for Legendary Mail thing that opened up when I went to the Broken Isles to see if there was any rep to be had. Now I realise I’d have to do 3 Mythics to make a Legendary item, I’m confident that this won’t happen until it’s Legacy content, if at all, and that’s totally fine. Gaining seven million AP from a dig site however is quite cool, and might yet encourage me to grind some more when flying finally arrives. Right now, I’m doing that exclusively via the medium of the Garrison table of mobile app which is also totally acceptable, though this does mean I’ll need to WQ at some point today to get some more resources. T’was ever thus.


The Scrub Lock continues to use half the spells on her bar to do dailies in Northrend, and collect patterns as she goes. I’m gonna save the tokens from here on in: that’s 144 from Stormwind and 147 from Northrend, even before we start worrying about anything else, though having said that I’ll knock off the daily in her Garrison without knowing how many that will take. Honestly, I don’t want to do the maths because it becomes as hideously depressing and knowing how much AP fills a level at 105 to what I need now. My biggest regret, of course, is that I never collected recipes at the correct time, but like so much in Azerothian life, that state of mind is purely subjective.


Everybody else continues to pet battle. I’m thinking about maybe doing daily trainers for a bit of variety, and making sure I get the Weekly Trainer quest done too. Mostly, it depends on time and mood. Today I’ve not had the chance, but tomorrow may be different, depending on what else needs to be done. However, there does need to be a sit down (probably with a cuppa) and a list made of what pets I’m missing from Cataclysm onwards. The Timeless Isle is going to come into play sooner rather than later, and probably with the 90 Druid who never got levelled at the time.

That’s a thought and planning however for another day.

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