Right then, we know what this announcement from yesterday means. The new Final Fantasy content is almost here… but seriously, 7.2.5 is not far off. Ahead of the Curve vanishes, suddenly I’m even further behind than I was before, but most importantly? Nobody knows what happens once the Tomb of Sargeras deploys.

There’s a place we’ve not been for a while.

I’ve not yet seen a ‘kill’ cinematic for the last boss in the Tomb. If things go as normal, that event will be mined and posted pretty soon after the content is deployed. Once we have THAT… well, then there’s a clue of how we end up on Argus to begin with. I know the last boss has his own music, but apart from that? There’s very little indicator of what happens, but what I’ve read suggests… a lot of spoilers that I’m not getting into. Needless to say, I’ve killed all of these guys once already. I’m more interested in the subsidiary content.

Stuff floats through my timeline, despite my best attempts to ignore or remove it. I get there are new pets, summat nice for the Rogue in your life, various other bits which probably include another Pet Battle Dungeon to add to the To Do list. This is all lovely, but as for meaty details… well, it will depend on how important it is to keep the pace of change up. Keeping people hanging on for two months until Gamescon for a big reveal seems to be bucking the current trend of ‘we’ll start 7.3 after 7.2.5 deploys.’ Sticking a plushie distraction into the mix might be a way to keep people occupied for a while… we will see.


Needless to say, as soon as summat major hits the social medias, I won’t be able to move for people speculating as if there is no tomorrow. Until that happens? Lets get back to the pet battles and the tokens, shall we?

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