I’m not gonna lie. I’d hoped for more when, after month of religious levelling, my first L110 follower capped out. All I get is a change in portrait and (presumably) a chance to make those elite quests a little easier to complete. The third equipment slot looks great on paper but really, truthfully, this is not enough to warrant long term investment. Unless summat dramatic is planned for 7.2.5, once I have flying at Revered via the Missions? There’s very little point going forward. If I cared about AP maybe, but the only thing making me excited right now are the gold rewards, because they can be 200% bossed without effort.

There are no more carrots, and I doubt there will be going forward.


Yeah, that’s what I should do. I’m not gonna go on about this, just keep plugging away until I have flying, and then I can get the next alt to 110 on Invasions, and slowly do the same across the others. The shame of it is, of course, that this app and the interface are lovely, and it seems now like a chronic waste of that time and effort that all I’ll be doing for the forseeable is farming Resources to keep the alts going, but with very little to motivate the main.

Maybe something good will come with 7.3. Who knows. At least now there’s not as long to wait and see…

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