The Hunter alt (pictured above on her way to fail to win Skadi’s mount in Northrend) is now L107. She still doesn’t have a single Relic to her name. Her gear is beyond woeful. Pretty much all of her experience thus far is killing Legion demons via Invasions. If you wanted the epitome of a shallow alt, then Kumiho is your gal. Her gathering skills have suffered too, and I need to go sort that out at some point, probably when I’m maxxed out and with better gear. I had said to myself that I’d not bother with the XP, but when you consider it is a whole level per event with rested bonus? I’d be quite foolish not to take part. The next time one rolls around and I’m able to spend time on more than one alt? We’ll get my Horde Hunter started on the same path as she and my Mage are, thus far, the only other toons with Artifacts.


Pher’s not done any Transmog farming for a while, and I’ll probably fix that shortly. After that, Woo’s Jewelcrafting adventure continues, one day at a time. On top of that is the gradual erosion of 5000 Pet Battles, the daily collection of XP for whoever gets to be pulled out, and then this week the completion of the weekly Pet battle quest in Draenor. This is never going to break any records for quick levelling, but that was never the point to begin with. At least everybody is getting played a bit more often. That has to count for something.


I did a load of WQ’s this morning for Resources. After 12 years, I’d bloody well hope I’m a decent hunter of beasts, Ms Moonwarden, even if it takes me a while to do it all on my own. I was amazed at how few people I saw doing the same. In fact, in Aszuna, it was virtually deserted. Anyone would think everybody turns up to do their stuff on the Broken Shore for the week and then logs off until the next Wednesday… but as I’m still trying to sort out my Flying… which is close to 10k/12k. I reckon, at this rate, I should get it just as the Tomb opens. As I won’t be playing Final Fantasy, it will at least make alt levelling a bit simpler.

Right then, lets get these Pet Dailies sorted.

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