So that will be me, flying on the Broken Isles.

It was, in the end, all very anti-climatic. It took the best part of 30 minutes to work out how I got Mark of the Sentinax, I won’t lie. Even having written a Guide about this feature back well before 7.2 launched, I still didn’t make the connection. Then I had to find a spot to summon portals where I wouldn’t get munched, and after that… well, I’d never think of anything other than just killing stuff and getting the job done. Extra loot, somewhere between Legion launch and now has become utterly irrelevant.

The first thing I did when I got flying was switch to an Alt to Pet battle.


The last one on my list, the Broodling, is in Suramar and so I’ll need Pher to go do that this morning. I effectively 1-shotted the Celestial Tournament yesterday and so, in seven weeks, I’ll have collected all the pets and will never have to go back ever again. I need to keep running the Dailies for stones to level a pet and get a rare quality stone for another, but I’m totally done with that level of organisation. It’s beyond ridiculous for what was always for me a hobby and never a way to show prowess. No more moaning, I extracted the digit, and soon it will be done.


What flying does, I realise, is just make getting to Invasion sites faster. It won’t encourage me to quest, or indeed jump from WQ to WQ any faster. It might occasionally make it easier to get to somewhere if I’m tired, but I’m far more likely just to ride there anyway. The only exception is, I grasp, that last pet I need, which is in an area full of mobs I have no desire to kill. These are the moments where I wish we’d never got flying to begin with, and then everybody would be in the same boat and we’d all have to learn how to play the game properly or not at all.


I think its time for a new Transmog today. Let’s see if we can’t get another set finished and maybe luck out with a bonus. Then I will feel like I made some progress because, I’ll be honest, gaining Pathfinder last night just left me with an empty feeling and the realisation that nothing really has changed since Draenor.

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