We are now irreversibly locked into the Cycle before a Patch, yet again. This Thursday, a man will sit in front of a webcam with another man and talk about how great new content is going to be. The dedicated hardcore will sit and spam the chat channel regardless, as they always do. None of this will be enough for the Hardcore PvP-ers. Maybe, just maybe there will be some nugget of truth, an affirmation from designers that yeah, you can’t please everybody. As long as people keep paying the subs, it doesn’t really matter anyway. We’ve known what’s coming for months, and trying to make that sound exciting can be… well, difficult.


There’s still lots to do. Trouble is, that doesn’t make for very entertaining reading. When even the top rated Warcraft sites are struggling for content and have to create their own, day after day, you know that patch could do with being here sooner rather than later. Except we won’t get a date until the Cinematic’s done, and it’s bound to be coming. Just be patient, and if all else fails you can go play Overwatch or Hearthstone.


Failing that, there’s always the opportunity to get some of those outfits ready for the Trial of Style. I believe there’s already websites which will suggest outfits to min/max that part of gameplay quite effectively. If that’s not enough? Screenshots are lovely. The mobile app can earn millions of AP without much of an effort. Give it two days and not only will my Tempest Keep ID’s reset, but I’ll have maxxed out my Artifact Research, just in time for them to reinvent the system, again.

Yeah, it’s a lull before new content. What of it?

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