Yesterday, my second Hunter hit 110.


After two hours last night and a couple more this morning, her Artifact’s well on the way to being maxxed without having a Relic fitted. I’ve gone from iLevel 670 to 785 overnight. Nothing has really been taxing except for the deaths during my weapon expansion quest when I couldn’t work out how to deactivate Runes. In fact, since I started working on this character exclusively using the medium of Invasions and Professions quest XP, it has become almost laughably apparent just how much of the process of levelling’s been trivialised with 7.2. If I’d worked on alts before this, I’d feel more than cheated. As long as you have one character completed? Honestly, nothing else matters.

I’m not sure how that revelation makes me feel.


The only major difference I can grasp in approach between this spec and Pher’s BM is that it just takes longer to kill stuff with lower level gear. Everything else, to a fault, is pretty much exactly the same. I don’t get or experience a differing sense of Class fantasy with Marks, anything but. I just feel like a Hunter with a different set of spells to wield. That fantasy effectively vanishes the moment you’ve done the starter quest to obtain the Artefact, and no further reference is ever made to it at any point down the line. It’s a real shame, that I’d hoped that speccing everybody differently might provide some variety, but no. In that regard, the whole exercise is a complete bust. I will point out however that without a CC (my Freezing Trap) soloing would be horrendous. At least with this I can make some choices on how things die to ensure I don’t. That didn’t exist at launch, and had to be petitioned for re-insertion.

Gearing’s also been quite amusing: without any quests, Rare rewards have been upgrades. Fuck, a random BoE green with a socket that dropped from a bear was an upgrade. I’m not about to start advocating better drops: it didn’t matter. When every single thing you loot is better than your gear, when every reward is equipped and not arbitrarily sharded? Life is good. Maybe the bigger issue is to make rewards when you’re at the highest iLevel possible more worthwhile. Down here in Scrubsville, Azeroth, I’ll take absolutely anything, I don’t care. Best in Slot my arse. I’m only here to get this hunter some decent shiz before I move onto the next one. Really, truthfully, the synergy and balance bullshit is utterly irrelevant.


Having no pretensions of raiding or gearing, this means that I can pretty much equip and level at my leisure. The chances are I’ll try and finish all the gathering quest lines I can that don’t require dungeons, and gear to a reasonable standard before I LFG for all the bits needed. Then, I’ll move on. The Mage can carry on doing Invasions as and when, and then I’ll need to pick someone (Rogue or Warlock) to go get their weapon to take the next place in the Queue. Amazingly, Class Fantasy is now largely irrelevant. I had such high hopes too of rich and fruitful adventures, but the harsh reality is that it’s still the same grind, the same rewards and ultimately the exact same choices. The only true variety is with the Professions.

There is more fantasy in levelling Professions than exists in any Class quest line.


Only in this regard does levelling becomes worthwhile. I want the gear so I can kill the mobs that hold my quest items, and to go into LFR. After that? The characters get put away for the next Expansion. Maybe it is me that lost the ‘immersion’ of this game, or perhaps the push to win above everything else is slowly strangling the true fantasy from Azeroth. I really don’t know any more, and part of me doesn’t care.

I know how to enjoy myself in Warcraft. I’m going to concentrate on that going forward.

One thought on “Trapped

  1. Aw, damn, you think the Class Quests line are that bad?

    I just finished the class mount quest chain, and that too could have been made with a lot more “flesh”, I admit that.

    I find that playing with a high ambient sound has helped with the immersion lately, but we are all different of course :)


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