Not much to mention today, except to point out this is my 4th Legendary on Pherian. I won’t say it again, because I don’t want to enrage or upset anyone who doesn’t have one yet, but really, this is bloody stupid. I don’t need FOUR Legendaries: let’s face facts, one is extravagant enough. The system for ‘rewarding’ this is as frustrating as it is random. The only true value of this item appears to be a ton of agility and (presumably) some funky animation. Oh yeah, and packs of shit die fast. I can see why that would be popular.

Without getting into a huge argument about how the great idea pre-Expansion launch has become a gnarly, largely frustrating exercise in RNG and grinding, I hope this is over. People got craftable shiz this time around, there’s rings coming in 7.2.5 but honestly, if all you ever do is get given a choice of two, it is too many. Take Legendaries out of the game for good. When people were prepared to do the work it was fine. Now, its just an excuse to show off you’re better equipped than the next person and makes no account at all for skill, persistence or indeed intelligence.

Honestly, they’re a waste of time.

One thought on “Misunderstanding

  1. I’m with you on that, Take Legendaries out of the game for good. The original meaning of Legendary is long gone.


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