It has been a while since my inner Warcraft Roleplayer has manifested. In the middle of the scenario in the Halls of Valor for my Class mount, it appeared with an unexpected exchange between P and her lover Crais, who will have been invited to the event because P would never have gone alone. She’d have considered this a waste of time, distraction from the real business of killing Legion Demons, even if the food was excellent and alcohol in plentiful supply. Crais would have reminded of a few home truths: you’re not a people person, these symbolic events are important to others and so be nice about it. P will have grumbled, picked up her artefact (which she still doesn’t feel worthy of wielding after all this months) and just killed everything in sight.


As expected, it wasn’t just an average Night of the Wilds. If this game really wanted to play out realistic scenarios, it would of course be a totally normal Festival event and I would have just gotten lucky with the loot rolls. Nope, that’s not how EPIC end of quest chains pan out. You have to be given the moist eyes and a sense that, after eleven weeks, yeah you earned this, Hunter. Except I’m so far outside the stage now, looking down on my own action from the upper gallery, that I know how this wasn’t really an adventure and investment won’t happen any more when you tell me I have to kill 100 demons and then wait a week to kill 100 more. That’s not immersion, guys. You can really do better than that.


Ironically, the saving grace of this exercise was the last 15 seconds of ‘cinematic.’ We’ve come a long way since the clunky scenarios of Pandaria, people. This way of using in game footage as your own reality improves every time there’s a graphic update. Everybody’s appeared at the Lodge to cheer you, nobody’s resentful that you got picked ahead of them and presumably universal harmony and love is maintained until I complain I don’t like the look of the mount. I’m not gonna do that: it is what it is. I sure as hell won’t be parking it outside a Stormwind mailbox any time either, and it won’t go on my favourites bar, despite the fact I tamed the damn thing myself. That’s nothing to do with the game, and everything to do with P being mindful that she was never sent here as a model, despite the T1 outfit. She and Crais have never been happier, two manning everything and letting the rest of their five person team take a well earned rest to try and live a semblance of normal life. When they come home to their shared quarters at SI7 in Stormwind, both are grateful that they’re no longer in the spotlight. That’s for other heroes, and not them.


Now its done, there’s Exalted with the Legionfall to get and then, really, I could never go to the Shore again. I’m still not convinced we’ve gotten the balance right here, with questing and immersion still feeling as if they were forced together and not made to walk hand in hand. I’m not even sure if you fix that on Azeroth any more but as there’s a new planet coming Soon [TM] I wonder if anyone will care that much anyway. Once the Tomb opens on the 20th, and presumably we get patched next week, there’s 77 days new content until it all happens again and with my average attention span being in the 60 day range? Yeah, I’ll have forgotten all about it.

Enjoy your mounts people, and may they be all you want from them.

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