I cannot help but think, as a Hunter, that my Class order Hall is a sham. Maybe if I played another character so extensively, there might be a differing feel, but I ‘ve never stopped being disappointed that twelve years of history was effectively passed to a group of individuals I’d never heard of prior to Legion. The conceit, that as ‘The Unseen Path’ I’d have never known them for a reason is so flimsy as exposition it never stopped rankling. I keep going back to the discussion prior to this Expansion, that Rogues who had a home for over a decade in the heart of old Azeroth, would be forced into Dalaran to ensure that all ‘new’ content was just that, and nobody had to look at the low pixel Ravenholdt or indeed give it an upgrade. It still irks me, even now, that there is this need to ensure that as soon as you announce an Expansion, everything that came before suddenly becomes utterly irrelevant. It is also ironic, considering the amount of time in my professions questing that I’m sent back to people living and working in the Old World, that ‘home’ right now is a place somebody else considered appropriate as fantasy.


I hope, once the discussion begins again about what comes next, that there might be more thought given to what the Devs give us as significant to our own vision of Azeroth and not less. Certainly, the focus of interest in recreating old content in 7.2.5 as ‘new’ gives some encouragement that fantasy is no longer simply locked inside the Broken Isles. However, there was a particular comment that was made in the Q&A in the week that made me stop and think that perhaps, just perhaps, thinking might be altering in terms of how lore and ‘plot’ development is being presented as current.


From the wowhead.com transcript of the 7.2.5 Q&A

This could just be a bit of creative flim flam: with NPC notaries such as Drak’thul already in game, serving a different purpose, it is entirely possible there is significance being created. Once 7.2.5 launches next week, undoubtedly we’ll learn more about the clearance of the Tomb of Sargeras, and it is likely this could unlock further secrets of the ilk of Kosumoth the Hungering. No doubt there are players already scouring the Broken Isles and beyond for the possibility, and considering the interest this side of game play has created… it is a long way from a sterile, staged quest hub like the Class order Hall. We already have pre built, great places for people to congregate in Azeroth. The Alliance and Horde capitals are more than overdue upgrades. Perhaps it is time we sent everybody back to ‘home’ for good.


The problem, of course, is that Stormwind isn’t new, and that’s what Expansions have traditionally been sold on since the Burning Crusade. Except, if we are to take the concept that Warlords redefined Warcraft in the same way that Burning Crusade did, and that the Burning Isles redefined storytelling as Wrath did… that means that our next Expansion could be ready to redefine Azeroth as Cataclysm did. Certainly, if 7.3 takes us to a completely new planet, it gives a great scope of new places to visit and live in, which would allow the Art people and the Dev team plenty of opportunity to quietly upgrade the old world whilst everybody was distracted. Taking us off world also makes it easier to change the World long term: Argus could serve as the home for the next TWO expansions, and there’s yet the opportunity to explore further Legion worlds beyond  Azeroth itself, or places only spoken of in lore books thus far… oh and we’re still waiting for the Caverns of Time to reopen its doors. The potential is endless. However once 7.2.5 deploys next week, all anybody will want to talk about is Argus.

I’ll give it until the end boss of the Tomb’s dead on Mythic before someone complains they’re bored. I doubt we’ll have to wait until Gamescon for new information either. The next chapter of Warcraft history is waiting to be written: I doubt, with the current insatiable thirst for new stuff yesterday it will be long before a 7.3 PTR is active…

2 thoughts on “Tightrope

  1. They definitely did a better job on some order halls than others of making sure it made sense from a class fantasy standpoint. The shaman one seems really good – here’s all my old Earthen Ring buddies hanging out at the Maelstrom. The Death Knight one obviously isn’t even something new. The paladin one seems spot on, even to it’s location in the old world (which makes it even more unclear why they couldn’t have just done the same damn thing for rogues).

    The other one that strikes me a little odd is the priest one. Nether what? Why do we seem to be nowhere? Port me to some spot under the Stormwind Cathedral. Even as a Hordie that would have made sense to me.

    And why isn’t the Druid one just Moonglade? If the DK one can just be good old Acherus, seems like we could have just done Moonglade.


  2. The hunter class hall has always seemed to me to have been done at the last minute, with little thought given to its lack of lore or even to its design. Why no mailbox, for example? Other class halls have them. Why is there no place to sit inside the hall, not even in the bar/lounge area? And the kicker — why is there a bartender that sells only mana drinks? To HUNTERS!


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