I realised earlier I’ve not done the Celestial Tournament this week, and that I miss the Timeless Isle. As the original experiment in end game rewards it was, and remains, very much a loot piñata the like of which I doubt we’ll ever see again. It was, in effect, too good, but at the same time asked an awful lot from those who inhabited it. Time remains at a standstill there, of course, and I decided to drag my Monk out this morning for a play. She’s never gotten past 90, and maybe if I’m bored in future there’s a chance I might be able to pick up some items for the now infamous Achievement that asks you to collect every item drop from every mob, regardless of their rarity.

Oh, those were the days.


The Nighthold is soon to become old content, of course. I thought about an Azeroth in 5 this week but really, there is no longer a need to forewarn people of upcoming development: ActiBlizz’ own website now does that job with far more professionalism and succinctness than I will ever manage. When 7.2.5 hits on Wednesday it is there pretty much to give people a week to get used to skill changes before the Tomb of Sargeras opens: with the exception of the new Chromie scenario, there’s really very little ‘new’ on the table until scheduled events are deployed. In fact, the Official website is still selling class mounts as a ‘feature’ of 7.2.5, even though you could get them far sooner.


Typos aside, I’m more excited for Invasions and levelling more alts than I am for seeing the end to the Broken Shore, because as was the case with the Timeless Isle, catch up content never dies. I might not need to go there, but the benefit of handing over 5000 Nethershards for a guaranteed 880 update’s already shifted the secondary Hunter into a whole new level of World Quest rewards. Even if you don’t use the content in the manner in which it was intended, there’s always some use to be found in rewards. What I’d like to know now is what is planned as incentive going forward, and what I can expect once Mythic ToS is completed by the World First Guilds.

I wonder if I’ll have long to wait…

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