I find it more than a little amusing that, with a patch about to be deployed in the US, I’m getting excited over content that was current two Expansions ago. However, there was no doubting that last night, finally, I’ve cracked the Tournament. That means, a month and a bit from now, I can happily forget it ever existed and move on. I don’t even particularly like the look of the pets, if truth be told, it has become simply the collection that matters. I will grant you I’ve learnt a phenomenal amount about how battling works, but it is too little too late in terms of becoming enamoured with the concept. I’m pretty certain the satisfaction I felt when I bought Zao last night had nothing to do with my ability or the satisfaction of beating the encounters. Mostly, it was relief I only need to do this six more times to be finished.


I have earnt 296,550 XP since I began, which does include me having to do certain challenges multiple times if my pets had a hard time with RNG abilities. I would confidently assume the Tournament will get this Druid to 91, which at least gives her something to do, but as the pets can’t be traded, it seems largely pointless in pursuing the event further, especially as I can buy a flawless stone with the right single Trainer quest. What should happen next is the levelling of all those low level pets to 25, and for that I’ll want to look at dailies to make it happen. Then, I can post alts in the appropriate places and just grind it out. I still need to make that list of what I’m missing, too, and now I can collect more pets, then next aim point will be 800 uniques.


There is the intention to sit down later and send a friend of mine a shedload of spare pets: his son’s now got an account and I know enjoys collecting too. Then there has to be a list, but the game at least can provide that, and I don’t need a Guide or a third party website. It’s all planning, then organisation, and finally the effort made to sort out where to go and what to farm.

Talking of which, I should be doing JC Dailies and running through Utguarde Pinnacle before reset…

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