Today is 7.2.5 Day in the EU. It was 45 seconds before someone in Trade asked if anyone had read the Patch notes. I’ve picked up the Chromie quest line, but no I’m not doing it right now. This morning, my task was to grind enough AP to get me within one bounce of Pher’s artefact being ‘done’, to sell 12,000g’s worth of accumulated leather, and to work out which Battle Pets need upgrading to rare quality.


This time it was comforting to see that there was no fanfare that the US got the patch before us: in fact, the EU launcher’s happily proclaiming the right date for localised content. It might seem petty to some of you lovely people, but honestly this is a worldwide company and it is hardly difficult to keep everybody happy: for the time that graphic took to make? Job’s a good ‘un.


Pher has a lot outstanding: I still need to complete so much, collect Soul Fragments, sort out that silver ? in the Class Order hall.  There are a LOT of Raid quests from the Missions Table Mobile app that should be completed too. This morning, with my son’s help, I made a start on clearing the backlog, and the feeling of satisfaction has been tangible. Plus, as the Trial of Valor took 15 minutes to complete in LFR, it is more than worth the (brief) effort. I’ll keep grinding out the Soul Fragments via World Quests and weekly resets for my Transmog, and knock off the outstanding raid quests as I go. I’m at least up the Nighthold now in the timeline, and maybe I can get that done so that when the Tomb LFR goes live, I’m ready.


My son has his last exam on Friday and he’ll be allowed back to play as he wishes from then: he’s asked if I’ll do stuff with him, and I’ve said yes. That will mean a return to having a Tank partner for World Quests, and someone to queue in LFR with. He’s also asked me if I’d be interested in doing Raid finder Normals, and I’m considering his offer. For now, however, it is back to the Pet battles and the daily Jewelcrafting…

P.S: The Class Hall reward was an upgrade.


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